Top 6 Websites to Get Study Material and Video Lectures for GATE Preparation


Are you preparing for the GATE exam and feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of study material available? You’re not alone in this struggle. But fear not, because we’ve got your back! In this blog post, we’ll be guiding you through the top 6 websites that provide study materials and video lectures for your GATE preparation. These resources have been selected meticulously to ensure they’re comprehensive, easy to understand, and cover all the necessary topics. So, let’s make your GATE preparation a bit easier and more organized! Stay tuned.

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a prestigious all-India examination conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). It’s meant to assess the comprehensive understanding of science and engineering subjects amongst undergraduate students. The scores from this exam are used for admissions to postgraduate programs (like M.Tech, PhD) in higher education institutes with financial assistance offered by MHRD and other government agencies. The GATE score is also used by some PSUs (public sector units) for their recruitment process. Given its importance, proper preparation for GATE is crucial to score high and secure your future.

Choosing the right study material and resources is a critical step in your GATE preparation. The huge amount of information available online can often seem overwhelming, and not all of it is relevant or reliable. The right resources can provide comprehensive cover of the syllabus, in a format that’s easy to understand and remember. They can help you grasp complex concepts, solve problems effectively, and ultimately, score high in the exam. Moreover, quality resources often include practice questions and mock tests, which are essential for getting comfortable with the exam format and improving your speed and accuracy. Remember, the goal isn’t to study everything, but to study smart. And studying smart begins with choosing the right study materials and resources.

All these website links are from the various national and the international engineering institutions which are considered as top institutes in the world.

Top 6 Websites for GATE Preparation

1. GATE Academy

GATE Academy is one of the most recognized online platforms for GATE preparation. They offer a plethora of resources from live classroom sessions, video lectures, study materials, to test series which span across numerous engineering streams. One distinctive feature of GATE Academy is its personalized mentorship program where students can have one-on-one interaction with mentors to solve their queries and get guidance. Furthermore, they offer a mobile app, easing access to their resources anytime and anywhere. GATE Academy’s comprehensive and well-structured courses have been instrumental in helping many students excel in their GATE exams.

2. Made Easy

Made Easy is another exceptional platform for GATE preparation. It provides subject-wise study material, practice tests, and video lectures by renowned faculty. Made Easy also provides guidance on exam strategies. A renowned platform dedicated to engineering competitive exams like GATE, and has a track record of producing top rankers consistently. Providing a blend of physical and digital resources, Made Easy offers exhaustive study material, comprehensive practice tests, and high-quality video lectures delivered by expert faculty. It also offers guidance on exam strategies to help students manage time and stress during the exam, and hosts regular doubt-clearing sessions to ensure students have a solid understanding of every topic. With Made Easy, you can trust that you’re in capable hands on your journey to GATE success.


3. Unacademy

Unacademy stands as a notable name in the online educational platforms, especially for GATE preparation. A popular online learning platform in India, offers a dedicated course for GATE preparation. The course includes live classes, quizzes, and doubt-clearing sessions, ensuring comprehensive preparation This platform is a treasure trove of comprehensive learning resources, including personalized lessons, detailed study notes, and an extensive collection of video lectures. A key aspect of Unacademy is its interactive live classes that enable direct interaction with top educators, allowing students to clarify doubts in real time. The platform also conducts weekly quizzes and mock tests to help students gauge their understanding and preparation level. To top it all, Unacademy extends a ‘Ask Doubts’ feature where students can get their queries answered by experts promptly. The Unacademy app makes learning on the go, a seamless experience. With these robust offerings, Unacademy has been a reliable ally for many GATE aspirants.

4. Kreatryx

Kreatryx is another highly recommended platform for those gearing up for the GATE examination. Known for its meticulously designed courses, Kreatryx offers a balanced combination of theoretical understanding and application-based learning. A top choice for aspirants preparing for GATE. They offer a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and application-based study material that includes video lectures, practice tests, and revision notes. Their offerings include comprehensive video lectures, practice tests, and concise revision notes, all tailored to help students grasp the complex concepts with ease. Kreatryx also provides an ‘Analyze’ feature that allows students to track their progress and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, they offer guidance in strategic preparation and time management -essential skills for cracking any competitive examination. With Kreatryx, GATE aspirants can confidently aim for a high score.


NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) is an initiative funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. This platform is a collective effort of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc), aimed at offering comprehensive courses in various fields of engineering and applied sciences. NPTEL houses an extensive collection of video lectures and PDFs, making it a treasure trove for GATE aspirants. The lectures are delivered by professors from IITs and IISc, ensuring top-notch quality and depth of knowledge. The platform also offers certification courses and hosts live sessions ensuring a complete learning experience for students. With a vast array of subject matter and expert guidance, NPTEL is a crucial resource for GATE preparation.

6. GATE Forum

GATE Forum is one of the most renowned names in GATE preparation. Established by alumni of the Indian Institute of Science and Indian Institutes of Technology, it is designed to offer a comprehensive learning experience for GATE aspirants. GATE Forum provides superior quality study materials, video lessons, and practice tests, all meticulously tailored to cover the GATE syllabus. The platform also offers eGATE, an innovative live internet-based GATE coaching program, featuring live video sessions with expert faculty. These sessions are all recorded and provided to the student for future reference. With a robust online test series and personalized performance analysis, GATE Forum ensures students are thoroughly prepared for their GATE exams.

Remember, the key to success in the GATE exam is consistency and regular practice. So choose a platform that suits your learning style and start your preparation right away.

Tips on How to Utilize These Websites Effectively

Developing a Study Plan

A well-structured study plan is the cornerstone of efficient exam preparation. Start by familiarizing yourself with the GATE syllabus and the exam pattern. Categorize topics based on your comfort level: strong, moderate, and weak. Allocate more time to weak areas while ensuring a regular revision of strong and moderate topics. Divide your study hours between learning new concepts, revising old ones, and solving practice questions. Set small, achievable targets for each day and week to maintain a steady pace of learning. Regular breaks are mandatory to avoid burnout. Remember, it’s not about studying for long hours, it’s about consistent, focused study sessions. Keep track of your progress and make necessary adjustments in your plan as required. Sticking to your study plan ensures a balanced approach to learning all topics effectively.

Balancing Different Resources

While preparing for the GATE exam, it’s crucial to balance your resources effectively. All the websites mentioned can act as valuable reservoirs of study material. However, it’s not advisable to rely entirely on one source. Try to harness the strengths of each platform. For instance, use one website for its comprehensive notes, another for its extensive question bank, and yet another for its interactive video lectures. Remember, the aim is not to exhaust all resources, but to use them judiciously. Don’t overwhelm yourself with an excessive amount of information. Stick with a few reliable sources and explore them in-depth. It’s about understanding and retaining knowledge, rather than accumulating it. Include online forums and discussion groups in your study regime – they offer unique perspectives and handy tips. Lastly, regular self-assessment through mock tests is essential to gauge your preparation levels and plan further study accordingly.

Regular Practice and Revision

Consistent practice and revision form the backbone of successful GATE preparation. While understanding new concepts is important, it’s equally vital to revise them periodically to cement them in your memory. Allocate specific time for revision in your study schedule. Implement techniques like active recall and spaced repetition – these proven methods enhance memory retention. Practice is instrumental in making concepts second-nature. The more you solve sample papers and previous years’ questions, the more familiar you become with the exam pattern, and your speed and accuracy improve significantly. Try to simulate the exam conditions during your practice tests to get a first-hand experience of the actual exam. Use online platforms to take timed tests and build your time management skills, a crucial aspect of the GATE exam. Remember, the goal of regular practice and revision is not just to remember the information but to be able to utilize it effectively during the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which are the best websites for GATE preparation?

There are several websites that offer comprehensive study material for GATE preparation. Some of them include NPTEL, GATE Academy, Made Easy, and GATE Forum.

2. How often should I revise the concepts?

Regular revision is key in GATE preparation. You should aim to revise your topics at least once every week. However, this can vary depending on your understanding of the subject and the volume of material to review.

3. How useful are online forums and discussion groups?

Online forums and discussion groups can be incredibly useful. They provide unique insights, handy tips, and a platform for doubt-clearing. You also get to interact with fellow aspirants, making your preparation journey less solitary.

4. How can I improve my time management skills for the exam?

Practicing mock tests under simulated exam conditions is an effective way to improve your time management skills. Also, focus on understanding the concepts thoroughly, as this will help you solve problems more quickly and accurately.

5. How many mock tests should I take before the actual exam?

There is no fixed number, but it’s advisable to take as many as you can to get a thorough understanding of the exam pattern and to improve your speed and accuracy.

6. Is self-study sufficient for GATE preparation?

While self-study forms the bulk of GATE preparation, guidance from a mentor or a coaching institute can be beneficial, especially for understanding complex concepts. They can also help you with smart strategies to tackle the exam. However, the ultimate success in the exam depends on your dedication and consistent effort.


Efficiently preparing for the GATE exam involves a strategic approach that includes understanding the exam pattern and syllabus, adopting effective study techniques, and utilizing reliable study materials. Online resources, including various websites and video lectures, can be a valuable tool in your preparation. Regular practice is key to mastering concepts and improving speed and accuracy, while periodic revision aids in long-term memory retention. Involvement in online forums can provide unique insights, and regular self-assessment through mock tests is crucial to understand your preparation level and plan accordingly. Overall, success in the GATE exam is not just about remembering information, but about effectively applying it.

Remember, there’s no shortcut to success; it’s the result of preparation, hard work, and consistency. Embarking on your GATE preparation journey may seem daunting at first, but rest assured, with the right strategy and resources, you can definitely achieve your goals. Don’t let the volume of the syllabus overwhelm you. Instead, take it one day at a time, prioritize your weak areas, and make the most of the available resources. Stay positive, stay curious, and never hesitate to learn and explore beyond your comfort zone. Your dedication and perseverance will lead you to your desired destination. All the best on your journey to cracking the GATE exam!

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