10 Reasons Why No One Wants to Watch Roadies Anymore


Once a cultural phenomenon, ‘Roadies’ has seen its audience gradually slip away. What was once a thrilling reality show that kept viewers on the edge of their seats has transformed into something people tend to avoid. But what led to this change? Let’s delve into the top ten reasons why ‘Roadies’ is no longer the must-watch it once was. Grab a cup of tea, sit back, and let’s explore this together.

‘Roadies’ is a reality TV show that first hit the screens in India in 2003. This adventure-packed show, aired on MTV India, quickly became a sensation among the Indian youth. The concept revolved around a group of contestants who embarked on challenging journeys, overcoming grueling physical tasks and intricate mind games, all while navigating the tumultuous dynamics of their fellow contestants. The show’s raw, unfiltered representation of struggle and endurance, coupled with the thrill of competition and the human element of camaraderie and conflict, made ‘Roadies’ an addictive spectacle for its audience.

1. The Name

The original charm of ‘Roadies’ was in the name; it was fresh, exciting, and embodied the spirit of adventure that the show sought to capture. The title ‘Roadies’ implied a journey, a quest, with participants taking the open road and braving whatever challenges came their way. However, as seasons rolled by, the name lost its allure. The adventure and unpredictability that once echoed in the name ‘Roadies’ has morphed into a predictable sequence of events, causing viewers to lose interest.

2. Reality Show Minus the Reality

The biggest irony in the declining popularity of ‘Roadies’ lies in the fact that it is touted as a reality show, yet lacks the very element of reality. The show seems to have drifted further away from the actual experiences and challenges faced by road trippers. The tasks and the entire experience are heavily scripted and staged, leaving little room for genuine reactions and spontaneous moments that viewers crave in reality television. Consequently, this lack of authenticity has resulted in a disconnect with the audience, making the show less appealing to many.

3. Even More Fake & Staged

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Adding to the lack of reality in the ‘Roadies’ show is the increasing perception that the drama is even more contrived and staged than ever. Elements of the show that were once casually unplanned now appear to be meticulously premeditated, making the show feel more like a well-rehearsed drama rather than a raw, spontaneous reality show. The emotional highs and lows, the conflicts, and even the outcomes appear overly scripted, undermining the credibility of the show and further alienating the audience. The discerning viewers of today can easily distinguish between genuine and staged content, and unfortunately for ‘Roadies,’ it falls in the latter category, leading to a drop in viewership.

4. Excessive Profanity

Another factor contributing to the decreased appeal of ‘Roadies’ is the excessive use of profanity. While a certain degree of strong language can be expected in reality TV shows to convey heightened emotions, in the case of ‘Roadies,’ the frequency and intensity of inappropriate language have increased significantly. This overuse often comes across as forced and unnecessary, further detracting from the authenticity of the show. It can also be off-putting to many viewers who may find it offensive or inappropriate, thereby limiting the show’s audience and reducing its overall appeal.


5. No Raghu and Rajiv

The departure of the show’s iconic duo, Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman, has had a significant impact on ‘Roadies.’ As founding members, their intense personalities and unique interviewing style were quintessential to the show’s identity and popularity. Their absence has left a void that the new members have struggled to fill. Their removal from the show has also led to a change in the dynamics of ‘Roadies,’ which has not sat well with long-term fans, leading to dwindling viewer engagement and interest in the show.

6. The Judges

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The current panel of judges on ‘Roadies’ has failed to resonate with the audience, unlike the original panel. Their lack of connection with the audience, along with their less impactful and engaging interactions with the contestants, have contributed to the dwindling interest in the show. The original judges were admired for their bold stances and their ability to weave engaging narratives around the contestants. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the current panel. Their participation seems more of a formality rather than an active engagement, leading to a less immersive viewing experience.

7. In-your-face Product Placement

Another factor contributing to the waning interest in ‘Roadies’ is the blatant and overbearing product placement. There’s no subtlety or finesse in the manner in which products are showcased; rather, they are thrust in the viewer’s face during every episode. This often feels awkward, forced, and disrupts the natural flow of the show, leaving viewers with a less-than-pleasant experience. Additionally, the integration of products into the show’s plot or the contestant’s tasks often feels artificial and scripted, which can make the show seem less authentic and hence less engaging.

8. Cars Replacing Bikes

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‘Roadies’ was originally known for its iconic use of bikes, which added an adventurous and raw appeal to the show. The switch to cars in recent seasons, however, has been met with criticism. Fans argue that it has stripped away the very essence of ‘Roadies,’ making it feel less like a grueling and gritty journey and more like a comfortable road trip. The change has diluted the ruggedness and toughness that was synonymous with the show, causing die-hard fans to feel disconnected. This major shift in the show’s modus operandi has been one of the main reasons for the declining viewership.

9. Weirdos Are Even Weirder

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One of the unique aspects of ‘Roadies’ was its ability to showcase eccentric characters and personalities, making for entertaining viewing. However, recent seasons have seen these ‘weirdos’ becoming even more outlandish and bizarre, to an extent where it feels more caricatured than real. The exaggerated antics, over-the-top personalities, and irrational behavior often stretch viewers’ suspension of disbelief, making it hard to take them seriously or connect with them. This detachment can deter viewers from following the show, as they feel disconnected from the contestants’ journey and experiences.

10. It’s 2023

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The world has seen a lot of change in the last decade, and so has the taste of television viewers. With the advent of multiple content streaming platforms, audiences now have access to a wide array of content at their fingertips. The demand for high-quality, unique, and varied content has never been higher, and anything that fails to meet this elevated standard tends to fall by the wayside. ‘Roadies,’ with its repetitive format and outdated elements, fails to live up to the expectations of today’s discerning viewers, rendering it less attractive than many of the other options available. The year is 2023, and ‘Roadies’ seems to be stuck in a time warp, unable to adapt and evolve to meet the demands of the new-age audience.

Why did the ‘Roadies’ become Popular

  1. Innovative Concept: ‘Roadies’ initially gained traction because of its novel concept. At a time when reality television in India was synonymous with singing and dancing competitions, ‘Roadies’ brought a breath of fresh air with its unique combination of physical challenges and mental mind games. This gave the audience something new and thrilling to look forward to, catapulting the show to immense popularity.
  2. Authenticity: The early seasons of ‘Roadies’ were praised for their authenticity. The show portrayed the raw, unfiltered realities of life on the road – the struggles, the triumphs, and everything in between. This authenticity resonated with the young audience, making them feel a deep connection with the contestants and their journeys.
  3. Competitive Spirit: The fierce competition among contestants was another major draw for viewers. The audience was captivated by the nail-biting tasks and the fierce rivalries that arose among the contestants, keeping them glued to their television screens.
  4. Engaging Storylines: The interpersonal dynamics and drama among the contestants offered engaging storylines that added an extra layer of interest for viewers. The friendships, betrayals, and conflicts that unfolded on the show were as compelling as the challenges themselves, making ‘Roadies’ a reality show like no other on Indian television.
  5. Inspiring Personal Stories: The show featured contestants from various backgrounds, each with their unique and inspiring personal stories. These stories resonated with viewers, making them root for their favorite contestants and follow their journey throughout the show.
  6. Innovative Tasks: The innovative tasks set by the show kept the audience hooked. From physical endurance tests to mental challenges, every task was designed to push the contestants to their limits and beyond. The unpredictability of what came next was a major factor keeping the viewers engaged.
  7. Powerful Hosts: The hosts of ‘Roadies’ were powerful personalities in their own right. Their charisma, wit, and ability to handle the drama added an extra level of entertainment for the viewers. Their dynamic presence was instrumental in the show’s success.
  8. Exposure to Different Cultures: As the show traveled across India, it exposed the audience to diverse cultures, landscapes, and traditions. This cultural exploration added another layer of interest and was a learning experience for many viewers.
  9. Real-Life Learning: The show was more than just entertainment. It brought out real-life lessons on teamwork, leadership, perseverance, and facing challenges head-on. This resonated with viewers, especially the younger audience.
  10. Platform for Talent: ‘Roadies’ served as a platform for young talent to showcase their skills, not just in physical tasks, but also in leadership, strategy, and interpersonal relationships. Many contestants went on to achieve fame in different fields, further cementing the show’s popularity.

Similar TV Shows

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While ‘Roadies’ certainly carved a unique niche for itself in the reality TV landscape, there are several other shows that offer a similar blend of drama, challenge, and entertainment.

  1. Survivor: “Survivor” can be seen as the pioneering giant in the realm of reality competition shows. Contestants are left in remote locales, where they must not only survive but thrive using their wits, strength, and social strategy. The show emphasizes both cooperation and competition, with contestants forming alliances, participating in physically demanding challenges, and voting each other off until only one ‘Survivor’ remains. This perfectly blends the elements of drama, intrigue, adventure, and the human struggle against nature, making it a compelling watch.
  2. The Amazing Race: “The Amazing Race” is a thrilling global adventure. Teams of two contestants race around the world, facing off in a variety of tasks that call on their physical dexterity, mental acuity, and strategic prowess. Each task is designed to test their teamwork and knowledge of local cultures and customs. The team that navigates each leg of the journey the fastest avoids elimination and continues to vie for the grand prize. The show combines the thrill of competition with the allure of travel, making it an engaging viewing experience.
  3. Fear Factor: “Fear Factor” is a show that pushes its contestants to the edge, both physically and mentally. The concept involves participants competing in a series of stunts that not only test their courage but also their endurance and mental toughness. The stunts often involve overcoming common phobias such as heights, insects, or enclosed spaces. The contestant who can successfully triumph over their fear and complete the challenges emerges as the victor. The sheer suspense and unpredictability of “Fear Factor” have made it a popular choice among reality TV fans.
  4. Big Brother: A reality television show that draws on the concept of surveillance, “Big Brother” locks a group of contestants, referred to as ‘housemates’, inside a purpose-built house, devoid of any communication with the outside world. The participants are continuously monitored by in-house cameras and microphones. Weekly tasks are assigned to spark competition, and housemates nominate each other for eviction. Viewers vote to keep their favorite participants in the house, and the last remaining housemate wins the grand prize. The show offers an intriguing exploration of social dynamics and human behavior under pressure, holding viewers’ interest through its twists and turns.
  5. MTV Splitsvilla: MTV Splitsvilla is a popular reality television show based on the American dating show “Flavor of Love”. The show revolves around young men and women competing to secure their place in a “villa”. The contestants, referred to as ‘splitsvillains’, face various tasks that not only test their physical strength but also their compatibility with each other. Elements of love, jealousy, and betrayal are often incorporated into these tasks, making the show a roller coaster of emotions. At the heart of it all is the quest for love. The competition intensifies as the fight for the coveted title of ‘King and Queen of Splitsvilla’ ensues. The combination of romance and rivalry in an exotic setting provides an entertaining viewing experience.


In summary, while ‘Roadies’ once enjoyed a groundbreaking status in reality TV, its appeal seems to have dwindled over the years. The emergence of similar shows offering different flavors of entertainment, coupled with the perception of declining content quality, has likely contributed to the decreased viewership. Despite these challenges, ‘Roadies’ retains a dedicated fan base and continues to be a platform for young talents. It remains to be seen what future seasons may bring to recuperate the show’s past glory and reclaim its once enthusiastic audience.

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