How To Convert Load To Gcash (Step-by-step Guide in 2023)


Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to convert load to GCash. This increasingly popular feature allows you to transform your mobile credit into GCash balance, providing you with a seamless way to manage your finances. Whether you’re a regular GCash user or a newbie to this digital platform, we’ll walk you through the process, ensuring you can maximize your mobile credit to its full potential. Let’s get started!

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details of this tutorial, let’s address the elephant in the room. You might be wondering if you can convert your mobile load directly to GCash. Unfortunately, the answer to your question is no. Currently, there’s no direct method to transfer or convert prepaid load to GCash. However, there are workarounds and solutions that we’ll present in this guide. So, even though the direct route isn’t available, there are still ways to optimize your load and leverage the power of GCash!

Globe Load to GCash

Due to the discontinued service of Convertion of Load in Gcash, Globe users have a unique option and advantage when it comes to using GCash, thanks to the network’s Share-A-Load feature. This feature is not only for sharing load between friends and family; it can also be used as a means to convert your load to cash. By “selling” your load via the Share-A-Load service, you can receive the equivalent amount directly into your GCash account. It’s a convenient way for Globe users to monetize their excess load credit and have it readily available for use in GCash for various transactions, such as buying load, paying bills, sending money, and more.

Share-a-Load on Globe by using *143#

Step 1: Start by dialing *143# on your mobile phone. This will bring up the Globe Menu.

Step 2: Navigate through the menu by selecting the appropriate numbers corresponding to the ‘Share-a-Load/Promo’ option. In this case, we need to access ‘My Account‘, enter number 14 and send.

Step 3: Once you’re in the ‘Share-a-Load/Promo’ menu, choose the ‘Share-a-Load’ option.

Step 4: You will then be prompted to enter the mobile number of the recipient. Be sure to enter the correct number.

Step 5: Next, you will be asked to input the amount you wish to share. Type in the amount and press ‘Send’.

Step 6: You will receive a message asking for confirmation. Confirm the transaction by replying with ‘YES’.

Step 7: Upon confirmation, both you and the recipient will receive a message notifying you of the successful transaction. The recipient can then convert the shared load into GCash following the steps shared in this guide.


Share-a-Load on Globe via SMS

Step 1: Start by drafting a new message on your Globe mobile phone. The recipient should be ‘2’ followed by your 10-digit Globe mobile number. For example: ‘29171234567’.

Step 2: Next, type in the amount of load you want to share. For instance, if you want to share a load of 10 pesos, type ’10’ in the message field.

Step 3: After typing the amount, press the ‘Send’ button to process the transaction.

Step 4: You will receive a text message asking you to confirm your transaction. Reply with ‘YES’ to confirm.

Step 5: Upon confirmation, you will receive another message notifying you of the successful transaction. The converted load will be instantly reflected in your GCash account.

Remember, a minimal fee is charged for every share-a-load transaction. Always ensure you have enough load to cover the amount you wish to share plus the transaction fee. Enjoy easy and convenient load sharing with Globe via SMS!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it still possible to convert load to GCash?

Indeed, the question arises, “Is it still possible to convert load to GCash?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. As of late, the feature allowing users to convert their mobile load into GCash balance has been discontinued. While this function was exceptionally handy for many, due to certain constraints and regulations, this feature is no longer available. Rest assured, GCash continues to innovate and provide other convenient features to enhance your digital financial transactions.

Why Did Globe Discontinue the Conversion of Load to Gcash?

Globe decided to discontinue the feature of load conversion to GCash in February 2017 due to fraudulent activities. Some users found a way to exploit the system, leading to abuses that jeopardized the platform’s integrity. This decision was part of Globe’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the security and fairness of all transactions on the GCash platform. While this may have caused inconvenience to some users, it was a necessary step to prevent further fraud and protect the interests of all GCash users.

What is Gcash?

GCash is a leading e-wallet platform in the Philippines, offering a wide range of digital financial services. It’s essentially your virtual wallet, enabling you to carry out various transactions such as paying bills, buying load, sending money, and even shopping online. Created by Globe Telecom, GCash is designed to bring convenience and ease to your everyday life, allowing you to manage your finances at your fingertips. The beauty of GCash is its versatility – you can use it for personal transactions, business activities, or even for charitable causes. It’s a powerful tool in a world becoming increasingly digital.


In conclusion, while the ability to convert load to GCash has been discontinued, this doesn’t diminish the value and versatility of GCash as a leading digital wallet in the Philippines. GCash continues to provide a secure, efficient, and convenient platform for managing your digital financial transactions. Whether you’re making personal transactions, running a business, or supporting a charity, GCash offers an array of features designed to simplify your life in this digital age. Remember, the discontinuation of the load conversion feature was a necessary measure to combat fraudulent activities and maintain the platform’s integrity, ensuring a safe and fair environment for all GCash users.

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