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We all love to watch movies and T.V. Series and most of us prefer watching the high budget Hollywood movies, instead of watching the Hindi movies. So, anyone who likes to watch the other language films will know that its a bit difficult to understand the foreign languages of the actors because of their unfamiliar ascent. For many people, English may be easily understandable but what will you do if the movie is very good that you want to watch but its in Chinese, Korean, Japanese e.t.c.?
The answer is, you need to have subtitles to play along with the video, to understand the story properly.

To download such subtitles from the internet, the best website is SUBSCENE.COM”. Off course, you can always Google your needed subtitle, but instead of roaming on some new website each time and first trying to understand their user interfaces, you can  rely on a particular source which proves to be useful for all varieties of subtitles.


subscene title

Subscene is better than all the other available subtitle downloading sites, because of its extremely large collection of subtitles and a very easy, neat and light user interface. You just need to do a very few clicks and your subtitle will be get downloaded as a small file. The subtitles are stored in the groups based on the names of the movie or TV series.



Once you select the group by  your matched movie name, you will get a page full of names of different subtitle files along with the description of their languages used, and how many parts is that file is divided in.

subscene 3

You can use the Language filter to easily select the desired language files.


subscene 4


This whole subtitle finding process can be completed within few seconds only, because of the fast responses of the website. After downloading the subtitles, for most of the video players, you just need to drag that subtitle file over the already playing video, and then your work is done.

The uniqueness of this website is the fact that you will hardly have to go back from the website empty handed, i.e. the success rate for finding subtitle from this website is higher than 95%.

The only limitation of this website that you can assume is you may not get any suitable subtitle for the movie before that movie gets officially released.

The url link for the website is:


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