Top 8 Videos On Electronics Projects


This post is for those electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists as well as amateurs who want to take up electronics as a passion/hobby. I will list you top 10 Videos from where you can learn electronics projects in step by step process. I am keeping in mind that you have elementary knowledge in electronics, PCB Designing and Microcontrollers.

Ian Hughes - Arduino UNO - Electronics Projects

Ian Hughes – Arduino UNO – Electronics Projects

List of Top 8 Electronics Projects With Videos

1. Little Big Lamp

Always wanted to make your own lamp? You all must have tried lighting a LED using solar Cells. This is a better opportunity. opportunity to use, test and develop your soldering skills to innovate your very own lamp! Using PVC and some other electronic components, design and generate this classic lighting device with good efficiency.This project will introduce you to wiring and soldering LED in series combination and the principle of Pulse Width Modulation. Impressive electronics project for your college.

2. Infrared Pulse Sensor

Always wanted to be a doctor or wanted to test someone if he/she is lying or not! Here is your Chance! It is very simple to take pulse. The only thing you need to do is hold a finger to the wrist and time the beats with your watch.If you want to record the data or use it to trigger events, you need to turn that mechanical pulsing action into an electrical signal. Use the following link to make your own Lie detector(Lies makes your heart beat little faster) or Pulse data recorder.

3. TripWire Alarm

Remember using tripwire to play pranks in childhood! tripwire is simplest security system. You go across a pathway and switch on the alarm. Then when someone walks through the line, it activates an alarm. This kind of system is easy to set up and is fairly effective. But there is always a scope of improvement. here you will design an easy remote alarm system using a small radio transmitter to activate the alarm through wireless.


4. USB Battery

Converting your flash memory into a AA Battery! Sounds Cool! You can do it very very easily after watching this video! This can be your secret storage device.

5. Laser Communicator

Shoot your voice secretly across the room in stealth mode on the beam of a laser! Next James Bond huh! Anyways, this is a pretty cool communication and electronics project.

6. Mystery Switch

Create a custom made mystery switch to light up just for you!

7. BeetleBot

Make Your simple Mini beetle robot which can avoid obstacles which come in its way! You can add a remote control also later on!

8. Pocket Amplifier

Want to amplify the faint voice coming out of your headphones! Make your own powerful pocket amplifier for your headphones!

This was a complete list of electronics projects you must be looking for! Will Post some more mind-blowing projects later on!


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  1. Anirudh,

    Really good work on the list!

    I specifically liked the Laser communication project for the cool aspect to it and the pocket amplifier one for the usability in daily life.

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