Top 5 Strategy PC Games


Strategy games are those which you could never possibly miss. Apart from those regular shooting, racing games, have you ever thought, of applying your awesome brain into something like ruling a nation, or declaring war on other country, and controlling things like that? Nope, things aren’t going to be as boring and monotonic as chess, nevertheless being one of the games which the best minds play. These are games with a whopping interface and graphics features, splendid enough to make you glued to the computer screens all day long, just to make you brainier. The real time and realistic simulations make the games fun, thought-provoking and easy to learn and can be found in CSGO Giveaways!


5. Starcraft II – Wings of Liberty

Being classified as military science fiction, this game has enthralled all war enthusiasts, as to govern armies, build alliances, treaties and to cover strategy efficiently. This game was reported to have better graphics enabled than its first counterpart and is a thrilling edge of the game to play. Do not miss this one if you ever think of playing strategy games.

 4. Sims 2

This game is the real life strategy simulation of our day to day activities. It involves setting people as their simulations, left upto you to create a storyline and game play. It is one of the most famous games in this line, with the roller coaster seasons and a lot of stuff packs enabled to enhance the graphics and game play better. The reason why this game is quite popular is because it is also available in a lot of other interfaces, like the Nintendo Ds, PS, and other devices equally as your personal computer.

3. Plants vs Zombies

Played by many people over the globe, this game holds everyone glued to the game, be it children, the middle aged ones or the older ones. A war between the plants and zombies breaks out, and being on the plants’ side, you’ve got to save the house from getting haunted. An amazingly addictive game with roaring graphics and lucid display. A game for all.

2. Rise of Nations

Belonging to the set of war games analogous to the Starcraft and the one we’ll be talking about after this, this is another game with tactical perspectives which has interested a huge number of people. Territories, tactics, and strategic thinking can do it all. Ride through 18 civilizations to upgrade yourself and build wonders as you go ahead. Are you up for the challenge?

1. Age of Empires

The center stone of all strategic war games presents itself here. AOE, as it is called, has been one of the best strategic games since many years, since the time it was the solitary one back then. Now, amidst all other similar games, AOE still stands tall. European war, Caesar, Hannibal and all other elements of history cannot be better learnt. A thorough walk through of your work and a possibility to network with online players makes this addictive game hard to miss.  You haven’t played strategic games if you haven’t played this !


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