Top 20 Engineering Websites


Engineering is one of the fascinating and adventurous careers to choose from. It is more about the application of scientific knowledge and principles rather than the theories. Engineers like to sharp up their minds and do something creative. Listed below are some of the websites related to engineering that would be extremely useful for engineering students and professionals as well.


top-20-engineering-websites-1The website has all the stuff to satisfy the hunger of today’s engineers. It provides video tutorials on engineering and its application, explanation of concepts, principles, software tutorials, video shows on interesting discussions. Moreover, it lists all the relevant engineering jobs related to various disciplines and locations. Various video tutorials and tips to crack interviews are also part of this wonderful site. Other interesting features include articles on electronics, 3 D printing, software designing, games, puzzles and downloadable material in resource section and library.

2)  efunda

top-20-engineering-websites-2efunda has collection of all the formulae and important concepts for engineers. The directory section provides basic knowledge on different topics. The magazine section stores different magazines on various disciplines. Students of engineering deal with physics, mathematics and chemistry; this site is very useful for them as it contains the daily formulae, unit conversion calculations etc. listed at one place. Basic concepts and definitions are very well explained under processes section. Another best thing is the calculator section that is an online tool for calculation of integral, functions and many more.

3)  The Engineering Toolbox


The site provides unit conversion tools and has a good collection of free engineering magazines. The basic unit conversions are organized in a well defined way. You don’t need to refer anything for units, conversions and formulae after visiting this site as it has a huge collection.

4)  howstuffworks

top-20-engineering-websites-4A complete package of science, technology, entertainment, fun and adventure; this site provides video tutorials and articles about almost everything. You will definitely improve your knowledge after reading these. Thousands of videos are available on adventurous topics.

5)  eng-tips

top-20-engineering-websites-5It is rather a directory of forums in various disciplines of engineering where professionals related to engineering share and discuss on various topics related to their fields. It also provides links to other websites.

6)  Discover Engineering


If you are a new one in engineering field and have basic questions like what is engineering? etc., then this is a good site for you. You can get to know facts about engineers from history, video tutorials and career tips related to engineering. Other interesting things are games, activities section, downloading resource etc.

7)  Fun Engineering

top-20-engineering-websites-7The website is run by a senior professor and has section where you can send your problems and doubts related to engineering for which solutions are provided. You can see blogs on engineering notes, research and other tutorials on interesting engineering stuff.

8)  Manufacturingiscool


Well, the way this website has been designed, it’s really cool. This is a store of opportunities, scholarships, summer programs and other resources related to engineering. Videos at “shoprat” section are just for everyone and “real life engineers” is also a must watch section.

9) Design Squad

top-20-engineering-websites-9After visiting this site, you will realize how engineering is involved in almost everything around us viz. art, music, robots, animals, vehicles, food and many more. The look of the website is very funky and evolves interest among the site visitors. What’s more, you can play games and win contests as well.

10) Engineering Your Future


All you want to know about engineering viz. what it is, different types of engineering, how to make career in engineering etc. are fully explained here. The study material is available in video and audio format.

11) Engineer Your Life


Engineering today is not only a boy’s stuff. Girls are equally ambitious for this field. This site is mainly a guide to such girls who aspire to be engineers. A girl’s ultimate guide from “what is engineering” to “how you can get your dream job”, this site is just fantastic.

12) Engineer Girl


This is also another site as a career guide for women engineer but it also provides some cool stuff like “did you know”, contests and links to other engineering websites. Meet the previous women engineers in the “women engineers” section and “career” section that provide information about various streams of engineering, jobs etc.

13) Try Engineering

top-20-engineering-websites-13This is a more unique site that offers lesson plans on various engineering topics that can be downloadable also. You can ask your questions to experts and explore various opportunities available in the engineering field. You can check the engineering universities all over the world.

14) National Engineers Week Foundation

top-20-engineering-websites-14This is more related to the celebration and creating awareness regarding engineering. It lists contests and events organized for encouraging the young engineers.

15) eGFI

top-20-engineering-websites-15The website is related to the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). It has a collection of magazines related to engineering. You can get detailed information about all the disciplines of engineering viz. mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, aerospace, and manufacturing etc. The design of the website is also very creative.

16) The Civil Engineer

top-20-engineering-websites-16This is mainly devoted to the civil engineers with focus on environmental engineering, structural engineering, transport engineering, geo-engineering etc. Various contests, events and current news are also updated here.

17) Structural Engineer

top-20-engineering-websites-17A huge collection of journals, software, magazine and online library provide good resources for those involved in structural engineering. You can stay updated on the latest news by subscribing newsletter on structural, geo and civil engineering.

18) College of Engineering

top-20-engineering-websites-18Here, you can get a number of courses on different disciplines of engineering viz. biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering and many others. You can download the lecture notes for your reference.

19) Stanford Engineering

top-20-engineering-websites-19The Stanford University provides free online courses related to various topics viz. mathematics, computer etc. These are open courses and anyone having an internet connection can attend these.

20) National Academy of Engineering

top-20-engineering-websites-20A good site focusing on international issues and challenges for engineers providing video as well as text explanation of the problems like managing nitrogen cycle, making solar energy more economical etc.

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