Top 12 Dosa Places in Bangalore


Bangalore is home to some of the best places which serve dosas in Karnataka. It is difficult to pin point any one particular place as the best place to have dosa since there are many equally good places for dosas. But still, we managed to pick the top 12 dosa places in Bangalore which are must try’s for dosa lovers.

Hotel Janatha

For those living in North Bangalore, the first name that would come to their lips at the mention of dosas would be Hotel Janatha on 8th Cross, Malleswaram. Nestled between various shops, this place is a little hard to find but find you will for the smell of the sambhar wafting onto the roads simply draws you to the place automatically. The simply melt in the mouth masala dosas of Hotel Janatha are to die for along with the super tasty sambar! Just Yummy!! There are other items on the menu as well which are equally tasty.

masala dosa_janatha hotel_malleswaram

Shri Sagar (Central Tiffin Rooms)

Earlier called Central Tiffin Rooms or CTR, Shri Sagar located near Malleswaram Circle grounds, 7th Cross is one of the most famous places in Bangalore for dosas. Their Benne Masala Dosa is a must try if you happen to be a dosa-lover. They have other items on their menu but their dosas surely top the list of the must-try’s there.

masala dosa_ctr_shri sagar_malleswaram

Vidyarthi Bhavan

Vidyarthi Bhavan located in the bustling Gandhi Bazar is another extremely popular place for dosas in Bangalore. Although you get other items apart from masala dosas, Vidyarthi Bhavan is most famous for its ghee laden masala dosas. It is extremely rare to find Vidyarthi Bhavan not crowded for there is always a long queue outside the building lined with people of all ages waiting to grab a plate of the much loved masala dosa. The sight of the waiters carrying anywhere between 15-20 plates of dosas at the peak rush hour is truly fascinating.

masala dosa_vidyarthi bhavan_gandhi bazar

Hotel Dwaraka

If you are a khali dosa lover and you haven’t stepped into this place called Hotel Dwaraka, then you have surely missed something great! Located on the Katte Balaga Road, NR Colony, the khali dosas and the masala dosas served with neer chutney are simply mouth watering. If you want the actual taste of the dosas, you should have the dosas with the neer chutney served in the hotel and do not parcel it to eat at home for the original taste will be lost.

khali dosa_hotel dwaraka_katte balaga road

Ullas Refreshments

The rooftop restaurant Ullas Refereshments located on MG Road serves one of the most amazing rava dosas in Bangalore. Apart from the tasty rava dosas, this place also has other types of dosas like masala dosa, cheese masala dosa, and other dosa variants. If you ever happen to be around MG Road and end up with hunger pangs, then you should definitely try Ullas Refreshments.

paper dosa-ullas-refreshments-mg-road

Bonus Places for Dosa

Set Dosa and Neer Dosa at MTR Indiranagar

Two dishes you should not miss at MTR, Indiranagar are the set dosa and neer dosa you get over there. The soft neer dosa is best had with the jaggery and coconut mixture plus the chutney given alongside the neer dosa as accompaniments.

neer dosa_mtr indiranagarset dosa_mtr indiranagar

Plain Dosa at 99 Variety Dosa, Koramangala 5th Block

The crispy plain dosa topped with dollops of butter and served with two kinds of chutney – green chutney and the usual coconut chutney is an amazing dosa to try out at 99 Variety Dosa stall.

plain dosa_99 variety_koramangala

Masala Dosa at Madurai Idli Shop

The Madurai Idly Shop serves the masala dosa with the soft alugadde palya and the sambhar which one should definitely have. This masala dosa is best accompanied with a glass of fresh filter coffee or Boost.

masala dosa_madurai idly shop

Family Dosa at Shiv Sagar

While you’ll definitely attract eyeballs while walking to your table carrying the crispy family dosa which is spread over two trays, it is by no means filling. This type of dosa is available at any Shiv Sagar chain of restaurant. It is accompanied by 5-6 bowls of sambhar and a separate bowl of the delicious alugadde palya. You’ll surely attract many eyeballs when you walk towards your table taking this dosa that requires two trays to fit and is still not really fitting. Dare to finish this alone?

family dosa_shiv sagar

Cheese Pepper Dosa at Konark

The cheese pepper dosa you get at Konark is filled with liberal amounts of grated cheese and lots of pepper. Very crispy and really different, you should definitely try it out.

cheese pepper dosa_konark

Open Dosa at Vasudev Adiga’s

The slightly thicker version of the regular dosa, the open dosa at Vasudev Adiga’s is a must try if you visit the place. In an open dosa, the masala is put on the dosa and the dosa is not folded. The masala is topped with a slice of fresh tomato, making it look very inviting.

Roast Masala Dosa at Sri Krishna Café, Koramangala

The roast masala dosa at Sri Krishna Café, Koramangala is very tasty and roasted to perfection. Before going to this place, do check the timings once.

roast masala dosa_sri krishna cafe

Quite an exhaustive list of dosa places to try out, isn’t it? Happy eating!

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