Make Thunderbird Send Mails in Background (Just Like Outlook)


If you’ve using Thunderbird for your email client, you’re probably annoyed that you have to stare at your screen and wait for it to send an email. Perhaps you minimize the window and continue reading other mails until that it done. Well, there’s a way to work around the limitation of absence of an “Outbox” folder in Thunderbird. Let’s see how we can make Thunderbird send mails in the background just like Outlook does.

Step 1: Go to “Tools” > “Options”
Step 2: Go to “Advanced” > “General” > “Config Editor…”
Step 3: Click on “I’ll be careful, I promise”
Step 4: Search for “background” in the search box.
Step 5: Double click on “mailnews.sendInBackground” to enable it (set it to true).
Step 6: Clock the config window and click “Ok” on the options window.

Here are a few screenshots to help you in the process:

For Step 2:

For Step 5:


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