8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About McDonald’s


McDonald’s is the most popular fast food brand in India and the world. There are many things you know about McDonald’s but I bet there are some things you don’t even have a clue about this multi-billion-dollar company.


McDonald’s is the biggest distributor of toys around the world.

It distributes more than 1.5 billion toys annually around the world. With “happy meal” of course.

McDonald's Happy Meal Image credits

McDonald’s Happy Meal
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It is often guesstimated that McDonald’s sells more than 75 hamburgers per second.

That is more than 2,36,52,00,000 burgers in one year.

McDonald's burger Image credits

McDonald’s burger
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McDonald’s  is not the largest restaurant chain in the world. Then guess which one is? Subway.

In fact, the difference between McDonald’s and Subway is a staggering 5000 outlets.


Ronald McDonald was not the company’s first mascot. Speedee was. Speedee was a man with a hamburger shaped head with a chef’s hat on top of it. It was also the first company logo before the golden arches were introduced. Today this early McDonald’s sign greets visitors to the Kansas Museum of History.

After discovering the fact that Alka-Seltzer has a mascot named speedy, McDonald’s dropped its speedee mascot.


Oldest operating McDonald’s in California
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McDonald’s has unique menu items in each country it operates in.

It serves soup in Portugal, Rice burger and Red bean pie for dessert in Hong Kong.

Rice Burger in Hong Kong Image Credits

Rice Burger in Hong Kong
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The very first menu items at McDonald’s were hot dogs not hamburgers.

Isn’t it hard to imagine the very joint famous for its burgers started with hotdogs?


McDonald’s opens a new restaurant every 14.5 hours and operates in 118 countries worldwide.

McDonald's Restaurant

McDonald’s Restaurant
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India is the first country in the McDonald’s system where it serves non-beef and non-pork products owing to India’s religious sentiments. More than 70 percent of the menu in India has been locally developed with complete segregation of vegetarian and non-vegetarian products right from the food processing plants to the point of serving the customers.

Many experts rank this factor highly while describing McDonald’s success in India.

McVeggie - India Image Credits

McVeggie – India
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There are many more facts out there waiting to be discovered.


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