10 Things About Facebook You Probably Didn’t Know


Facebook has been the choice for social networking over the years. From an 8 year child to an 80 year old grandpa, everyone has adopted to this amazing social networking site. But there are certain things which we don’t know about Facebook. In order to make you users aware of it, here is the list of the 10 things you didn’t know about Facebook.


1) You may see only a fraction of your friend’s updates and posts.

Facebook displays only those posts which can keep you online for long.

Facebook displays only those posts which can keep you online for long.

Facebook in the recent time has optimized it’s systems to show you only those posts which shall keep you on the site for a long time. Thus it automatically brings up the most liked, commented and shared post among all.

2) Facebook has the right to use any of your upload pictures or videos.

The new Facebook login page.

The new Facebook login page.

It’s true. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of Facebook, you grant a non-exclusive right to them to use any content especially your pictures and videos. No wonder many people are surprised when they see their pictures on the login page these days.

3) Posts published as public, can be viewed by users who aren’t on Facebook too.

Durofy's Facebook Page: Viewable by public.

Durofy’s Facebook Page: Viewable by public.

When you publish a post or any media under the public settings, any Tom Dick and Harry can access that content. All they have to do is type in the link to the post.

4) You cannot use your account for promotion of any sort.

Amazon's Facebook page for marketing.

Amazon’s Facebook page for promotion.

Facebook terms such promotion as illegal, be it promotion of a friend’s new song or a chocolate brand. All promotion should be done either with apps or a Facebook Page.

5) Tagging on random pictures puts you in trouble.

People tagged in random posts.

People tagged in random posts.

This is the one of those crazy things which every one of us might have tried out. But Facebook uses these tags to confirm your identity when you lose your password. So next time you tag some one randomly, think twice.

6) Every Engineer at Facebook has equal permissions to the site’s code.

Engineers At Facebook. Credits:

Engineers At Facebook.

The best example would be the new recruits at Facebook. Each new recruit is put through a six-week orientation program called “Boot Camp” and meanwhile giving them full access to the site’s code. So basically an engineer at Facebook has the ability to pull the site down too.

7) Facebook is the largest photo sharing service provider.


Well this seems to be nostalgic, but since the introduction of photo sharing feature in 2005, Facebook users have been increasingly using this amazing feature. As of May 2013 4.75 billion media content is shared PER DAY.


8) Facebook is the main target for promotion and marketing.


Marketing done by at Facebook.

With the increase in the number of Facebook users across the world, all small scale and large scale companies have sorted to use Facebook for promotion. This saves them from the expensive advertising and meanwhile helps them reach to a greater number of people.

9) Facebook builds its own computers.

Facebook is usually seen as a software company, but it is true that Facebook’s in-house engineers build all the computers the company needs. This is done so that the engineers can design efficient computers which can easily handle their heavy data load.

10) Facebook doesn’t know who was it’s billionth user.


For many huge companies this is a moment to rejoice. But because of the rapid sign-up rate, Facebook didn’t even get to know who its billionth user was. When they hit the billionth count, the team at Facebook just cheered for a few minutes and went right back to work.



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