The Revenge of the veggies – Veganism on the rise


Google defines the term vegan as a person who does not consume or, use animal products. But, the question arises, is Veganism only about eating habits? Or, does the concept cover other aspects such as fashion wear, accessories, etc. That answer only a person who follows veganism can give you in a detail. But, the world is reacting to the vegan revolution in a very positive manner.
There are millions of questions that pop up in the minds of many non-vegetarians and vegetarians related to veganism, questions like
“What do you use to substitute milk?” or, “How do you live without protein??”, you cannot blame them for asking these questions. In a country like India, where dairy products are almost in every dish, it’s hard to imagine being on a diet without them. But, there are cafes and restaurants in India now, that serve food without dairy products and are doing exceedingly well.

Durofy researched on the topic of  Veganism and found some of the best vegan cafes/restaurants in India with amazing vegan food and desserts, which are rated highly on zomato and trip advisor.


1) The Real Green Cafe:

Location: Pune
Address: Lane 6, above Subway, Koregaon Park,Pune-411001

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The Real Green Cafe is Pune’s first completely exclusive vegan cafe, founded by Aishwarya Viswanath. The Cafe offers a wide range of food items such as Pizza’s, Burgers, Sandwiches, Pasta, Noodles and Wraps. They also serve cold pressed juices and smoothies. What surprised us about the cafe was the cheese, which was made out of 
“CASHEW”, and some of the desserts had almond cream. The bread used for sandwiches are whole wheat, the entire menu is designed for people who are health conscious and wish to eat unprocessed food without the taste being compromised. They use Soya, Coconut milk or, Almond milk as milk alternatives.
The vision of the cafe is: “To
expand into a whole chain of cafe’s across the country and the world, spreading love and peace along with the concept of conscious eating in the coming years.”

Must try: 1) Cheesy Spinach Mushroom Sandwich
2) Aioli Aioli Pasta
3) Barbeque Veggie Pizza
4) Tofu Chilli wrap
5) Exotic Tofu Burger
Recently introduced item: Dairy Free ICE CREAMS, Mozzarella Cheese (100% Plant-Based)

The real green cafe
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AHIMSA Cafe, Shirdi: 

As the name suggests AHIMSA (means compassion) is a new cafe opened in Shirdi, the concept of the cafe is to provide vegan food to all pilgrims traveling the place. The menu is quite extensive and elaborate it has dishes like black bean burgers, pizza’s, Salads, soups among other items. Sumit Partap Gupta and Phaneendar Bhavaraju are the founders of the cafe and found their inspiration to start this cafe from spiritual guru Mohanji’s teachings and books. The cafe is ranked as one of the best vegan cafes by Travel Advisor. The best part about Ahimsa is the ambiance, which is really good and is widely appreciated for their quality of service.


Must try: 1) Death by chocolate
            2) Omega-3 special salad
            3) Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich
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3) Bean Me Up, Goa

vegan cafe

Address: 1639/2, Deulvaddo, Near Anjuna Petrol Pump, Anjuna, Goa

The Bean Me Up Cafe provides some incredible starters and main courses. They have a large range of desserts which is fascinating and tasty. They also provide accommodation which is an added advantage in a place as active as Goa. The place has a hugely spiritual vibe and one can sit, read your favorite novel, write, listen to music or just stay idle. The menu comes with a variety of options including seitan (mock meat), tempeh, yam chips and desserts like Banana split, tiramisu, pina colada & much more. One must try out their seitan (mock meat) as they are one of the only cafes in India who serve mock meat. Many of the customers who visit the cafe usually end appreciating their menu and the calm ambiance.

bean me up
Must try: 1) Creamy tofu salad
            2) Whole Wheat Pasta salad
            3) Wild Burito
            4) Strawberry Sorbet
            5) Banana Split

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The restaurants mentioned are among the best vegan cafes in the country, famous not just for their food but also for their concept and implementation of the concept. If you are in any of these states, do visit them and try out some amazing vegan dishes, desserts, and drinks. There are few awesome websites available for people who wish to research upon veganism such as, which provides you the details of the various restaurants and answers every question surrounding veganism.


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