The 5 Best Websites to Find Internships in India


The summer vacations are about to begin and interning is one good idea to spend yours. Now if you are a college student who is looking for an internship then this post is a good resource to get one. I have compiled a list of some great internships websites which can help you save a lot of time and effort.

Internshala:  Internshala ( currently pre-Beta) is an internship portal to help students with their quest for a meaningful internship. At the core of the idea is the belief that internships, if managed well, can make a positive difference to the student, to the employer, and to the society at large. Hence, the ad-hoc culture surrounding internships in India should and would change.

Internshala 2

Internshala aims to be the driver of this change.

Now Internshala currently seems to be the king of this niche with a great content. It is known for connecting students with some of the great internship programs of the IITs and the other great research institutes like Indian Academy of Sciences, JNCASR, TIFR etc. which if I had Google searched would never have come across.

It lists few but quality internships. But it furnishes one with the best engineering internships.

Twenty19: Twenty19 ( students and companies a platform to connect for internships and projects.This website also provides information on a plethora of opportunities that students can take part in to gain practical exposure and enhance their profile. The portal is absolutely free of cost for the students as well as colleges. Twenty19 has a range of student opportunities like internships, projects , tech-fests, scholarships, business plan contests, cultural and symposiums, conferences, volunteering opportunities, summer internships etc.


LetsIntern: If you are looking for an internship at a start up then you should try LetsIntern ( is a great platform bringing the three talent stakeholders in India – students, colleges and companies on a single platform driving interaction and meaningful value creation.



Let Me Know: Let Me Know ( is a web portal which covers latest internships, scholarships, competitions, conferences and events in the fields of Business, Technology, Social Sciences, Arts & Design and Maths & Sciences.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Let Me Know InternWorld ( is the largest internships website in India which has a number of internships, freelance, part-time as well as full-time job opportunities along with some useful tips and information on interviews, placement, and so on. InternWorld has a good collection of internships from various locations across India.


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PS: If you haven’t found a summer internship, it’s not too late. Start searching for your internship and I hope Internshala, Twenty19 and LetsIntern can surely help you get one. Happy internship hunting and have a great summer!

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