How Startups Should Handle Incident Response


Cyber security incidents have become common in recent years. Startups are prone to these incidents because they do not have a secure infrastructure. The result is that the business suffers massive losses.

If you have a strong strategy in hand, then you will be in a position to avoid such security incidents in the first place. Every company should be equipped for handling incident response. If the response takes longer, then massive losses can occur in this situation.

The first step is that the company should have the necessary awareness. Plus, the startups should be aware of the security experts in the business. The best approach will be to visit

The benefit is that you will get a basic idea of how security services work. Secondly, you can also put up essential questions related to incident response.

Things to remember when handling incident response

Understand the concept of cyber security risk and conduct an annual assessment

 First, it is essential to understand the risks faced by your company. The advantage is that you can prepare for the security risk accordingly. The best approach will be to conduct an information security risk assessment.

 The positive aspect is that the security risk assessment will give you a chance to review sensitive information. The benefit is that you will get a basic idea about how issues may arise.

Cyber-attacks are constantly invented. New malware threats are being developed by hackers to compromise systems or steal data. This enables cybercriminals to get useful information for their dishonest purposes. Then, your organization is a target. Therefore, it is critical to keep cyber security risks under control. The importance of cyber security risk assessment is undeniable. By assessing the various threats an organization faces on a regular basis, one can develop a strategy for mitigating these risks and preventing losses. A cyber security assessment review of the existing systems, policies, and procedures might help you identify some weaknesses related to information security that could lead to a potential cyber-attack.

Define the scope of incident management

Incident management is the concept of handling any incident in an efficient manner. An incident can be anything like losing some sensitive data, getting infected with a virus, and so on. With the help of incident management policies, you can tackle the problems that occur in your company. There will be various incidents that will require various solutions. The process starts from identifying an incident to implementing measures to address it. So, the first thing that you need to do is determine the scope of an incident. 

When you analyze the security risks of your company, then you will notice that the list is bound to be extensive. It is not realistically possible for you to address all the issues at the same time. The best approach will be to prioritize the risks.

You should prioritize the risks depending upon the potential damage that they may cause.

Incident management has existed for a long time, but due to certain factors, its importance has gained traction over the last few years. The IT industry realized that timely and effective incident management can make or break their organizations. Requirements of incident management are generally established based on the nature and extent of service disruption and the criticality of the affected service.

Come up with an incident response plan

 Once you define the scope of incident management, then the next step would be the plan. You need to come up with a concrete incident response plan. First, you need to create procedures and communication plans for detecting a security incident.

Your plan should have all the necessary steps to isolate the problem and prevent it from causing further problems. The plan should have all the details to investigate the problem also. The incident response should not only identify the problems.

It should have the necessary steps for Remediation so that your business can continue normal operation. The plan should also facilitate you towards assessing procedural implications. The reason is to avoid similar incidents in the future.

 What you must keep in mind is that your incident response plan will be useless if your staff fails to execute it in the best way. If you feel that you do not have the technical expertise to handle incidents, then the best approach will be to hire a third party.

It might be interesting to set up a team of experts who can serve as consultants in case an organization wants to have an incident handling plan. The team can act as legal consultants and can help the organization in getting the required consent of the customer whose information has been compromised. They could set up a call center on behalf of the company so that witnesses and victims receive immediate help at no additional cost.

You should be explicit about your requirements with the third party. Spending on incident response is worth it. The reason is that you save disasters this way and your employees can learn the proactive approach.


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