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What is SEO?

Before discussing SEO analysis, let’s first know what SEO is. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is simply a process of optimizing the website using SEO keywords and other SEO techniques to make increase its visibility on the search engine.

For example, visitor A is searching for a service provider that provides free home delivery of ipad. He searches the keywords “ipad free home delivery” and gets a number of results. Here, if the website is optimized for these keywords, it would appear in the search results at the top result pages.

What is the Purpose of SEO?

Using SEO techniques, one can increase the visibility of a website. The SEO strategies can help in making the website appear on the top of the search results on the search engines. This leads to more visitors that can be transformed to potential customers for the business. The website that appears on the top of the search result is considered to have a higher website rank than the websites that appear below that website. High website rank has become crucial for a business. It also leads to brand building and better image in the market as compared to the competitors.

How to Do SEO analysis?

One can analyse a website to check where it is lacking, what are its drawbacks, how its page rank can be improved etc. This analysis would help to remove the drawbacks as one can easily work upon its weak areas. SEO analysis is done using SEO analysis tools. Below are listed some of the tools that can be used for SEO analysis:

Try Free Online SEO Analysis Tools

Tool No. 1: SEO Workers


Just fill the blank with your website URL, answer the question as a check for automated system and click on submit button.


  • Analyzes page ranks of website
  • Analyzes meta data of pages of website
  • Analyzes keywords
  • Analyzes internal and external links on the website
  • Analyzes HTTP Headers

Tool No. 2: Woorank


Procedure: Just enter your website URL in the blank tab and press enter. One can create a free account on the website and use the tool for 7 days free of cost.


  • Free Trial Available
  • In-depth analysis of web pages
  • Competitive analysis
  • Analysis of keywords
  • Analysis of links and back links
  • Optimizing and monitoring the website

Tool No. 3: SEO Site Check Up


Procedure: Enter the URL of your website and click on “Get Check Up”. One can also do analysis of the website on various factors e.g. analysis of Meta tags. To check for all the factors, choose “all factors” as the option.


  • In-depth analysis of website
  • Analysis of meta tags
  • Analysis of keywords
  • Checking back links
  • Testing HTML page size
  • Checking loading speed of website

Tool No. 4: Web SEO


Procedure: Enter the URL of your website in the space provided and click on “Go”. Free trial option is available with free account on the website.


  • Analysis and optimisation of keywords
  • Analysis of meta tags
  • Analysis of links and back links
  • Checking page rank
  • Information about domain

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