Pre-marital bucket list: 5 things girls should do before they tie the knot!



When we were young, we used to play dress up, dream big about getting married to some handsome prince charming. We couldn’t wait to grow up and be cool adults, or so we imagined it would be cool.  And now that we’re here, all grown up and ready to take on the world, we can’t help wonder “what the hell were we thinking?” This age of adulthood is confusing, heartbreaking and really awkward!

But having said that, this is also the age where you get to discover yourself, go on and explore the world, have heartbreaks, learn through experiences, make stupid mistakes, start understanding reality and more so ever, the only phase where you get time for YOURSELF.

With all the hype and buzz about finding the ONE, and getting hitched to  Mr.perfect at this age, we often forget that this is also the age, to discover yourself and focus on doing all the awesome things you  want to do and should be doing for yourself, and connect to your soul and mind, understand and know the real you , before you go ahead and tie the knot.

For this very reason, I believe all girls should have a Pre-marital bucket list, and strike off all those wishes they wanted to always to do.
Here are a few things, every woman could try doing before tying the knot!



Yes as cheesy as it sounds, it is one of the most beautiful experiences you could have in your life! There’s something so liberating and overwhelming about travelling alone. It”ll help you rediscover your lost soul, teaches you how to enjoy your own company, how to survive alone and more than any of it, it gives you a chance to spend some quality time with yourself, something you could never get in your otherwise busy life, or once you get married for that matter. A solo trip for every girl in her 20’s is a MUST before marriage.



There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of having to spend your own, hard owned money without depending on anyone else. This is something every girl should do before marriage! It’s an experience and a lesson. Stand up for yourself, be independent and become capable enough to make a living of your own. This  definitely helps in the long haul too.




It’s more of a challenge than a wish, but do it! The rush you get facing it is beyond explanation. Be it skydiving, speaking in public, heights, supernatural stories, travelling in water. However huge or silly your fear is, face it! It’s an amazing feeling once you’ve conquered your fear.



As the saying goes “ Pain makes you stronger, fear makes you braver, heartbreaks make you wiser!” you have to go through a heartbreak to know what pain is! make mistakes, to make the right choices next time and get your heart broken because you would never take love for granted! Ever again.



Meet new people, make acquaintances with random people, get to know the world better. The more people you meet, the more you understand the different shades of reality that exists. It’ll help you judge better! Go on random dates, date a few, It could end before you know it, but a date, they’re fun memories to look back on  and makes for a fun story to reminisce about. You’ll remember yourself to be the crazy one who had her share of fun in life. Have a summer fling, If only to make sure that friend you always had a crush on doesn’t somehow become “the one who got away.”

So get started and strike those wishes off your bucket list before your locked down by your prince charming!



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