Allow Readers to Pin Photos From Your WordPress Blog to Pinterest


Pinterest, a fast-growing social network, is an amazing tool to drive traffic to your blog or website. If you’re still not there on Pinterest, sign up now and share the photos from your blog on Pinterest.

Just like you can share your own photos, others on Pinterest can also share photos from your blog on Pinterest. This is how you can get traffic on your WordPress blog/site from Pinterest:
1. Your blog readers “pin” (share) photos from your blog to their Pinterest page.
2. The image shared on Pinterest retains the original link of your blog post.
3. Other people on Pinterest click on the image and reach your blog.

So, the whole deal is to make sure people share photos from your blog on Pinterest. For this, a very useful plugin which adds a Pinterest “Pin It” button on all images on your blog. This plugin shows a “Pin It” botton when the user hovers the mouse on the image. Here is a snapshot of the plugin in action:

Wordpress Pinterest “Pin It” Plugin Snapshot

This allows users to share the photos on Pinterest and gives you a link back to your WordPress blogpost. The description of the pin is your post title by default. It also provides links to share the photo on Twitter and Facebook. The links for the plugin are given below:

WordPress Pinterest “Pin It” Button for Images Plugin: Link
Plugin Author Page: Link



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