How to Make a December Birthday Special?


If you or one of your family members is a December baby, it can be hard to make it special when Christmas and new year are just around the corner. Everybody should feel special and appreciated during their birthday and there is no reason why December should be different. 

If you’re looking for ways to make a December birthday special, look no further. We’ve put together some tips to help you organize a great birthday that doesn’t revolve around Christmas. 

The presents

While it may be tempting to gift something holiday-related, it’s important to make it as neutral and non-Christmassy as possible. Try to focus on what they like and what their hobbies and passions are. If you’re stuck, a nice food hamper is always a winning present. Try to make it completely different from what you’ve planned to offer them at Christmas, it needs to stand out. The same goes for the wrapping paper, don’t wrap birthday presents in Christmas wrapping paper, invest in a plain, fun birthday one.

Remember to always gift separate birthday and Christmas presents. While it seems like an easy solution, it is definitely unfair to the recipient.

The party

Again, do not make it Christmas related. Organize a birthday party with balloons, decorations, and cake without any Santa or reindeer items. If you’re short on time and ideas, you could decide to shop online for party accessories, there are so many different themes you could choose from, you’ll definitely find something they’ll like. In terms of decorations, if the birthday falls right after Christmas, maybe you could consider taking the decorations down early. If the date falls right on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, try to allocate a corner or even a room for the birthday party alone, with no Christmas decorations.

Do something different

Try to forget about Christmas for the day and do something birthday centric instead. Go out for a nice meal, a special movie night or a little theme party in your home. Some people like to go out for their birthday while some like to spend time with their families.

While you may follow all the advice above, some people still enjoy doing winter/Christmas related birthday party and that’s also fine! Half birthday parties are also quite popular, where adults and children get a party on their actual date of birth but also on the 24th of June so they can have a party and invite their friends.


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