[C# Tutorial 1] Introduction to C Sharp


In our 1st tutorial we will cover the basic introduction on C Sharp and then in later tutorials we will get in deep of C Sharp.

C# (C Sharp) is newest among the object-oriented language which has some more features of than Java, C++ and structured language like C. It was developed by Microsoft and incorporated in .NET technology for creating Console, Web or Window’s based application. C# is used for creating this applications in .NET framework. The application of .NET can be classified as


  • Console application : It is simplest of all other application with UI displayed in command prompt. It has no sorts of buttons, check boxes, or any other similar input tools.
  • Window application : It can be stated as next level of application after Console application, as it provides with many input tools like drop down menu, radio buttons and range of other standard inputs which can be customized as per developer on the basis of color, size, position etc…It can also have database connectivity.
  • Web Application: It is quite similar to Window Application with only difference being Web Application is executed on browser and Window Application is executed on the desktop as general offline application.


Creation of .NET Application:

After understanding types of application, let us discuss how they are created, For creating these application we require Microsoft Visual Studio 2002 or later.


Compiling Application:
                After writing the source code in C# (don’t worry if you don’t know how to write code  because it’s just introduction later we will study more in detail) we need to compile the code to detect the errors, mostly static errors like “;expected” or “} expected” etc… But run time errors like “Cannot implicitly convert type ‘string’ to ‘int’ ” are detected after compiling, and once the code is error free after compilation it is IL i.e Intermediate Language also known as (CIL)Common Intermediate Language, For .Net framework the IL language is MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language).


Executing Application:

After compiling, the source code is converted to DLL or EXE file, while executing this file is converted to binary format that is understood by machine, and output is displayed as per application.


C# is not the only language that is used for creating this application, VB and Visual C++ can also be used, but using C# is comparatively more easy to use.

This was a small introduction on C# , where it is mainly used and how it is used, in further discussions we will see what are [Tutorial 2]data types and variables.


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