A Guide to Volunteering Abroad


In this chaotic and busy world, a lot of people tend to feel unhappy and unfulfilled. Finding something that gives you a purpose can transform your life into something meaningful. 

One activity that can lead to a happy and fulfilling life is by helping others and volunteering abroad. 

Projekte fur Freiwilligenarbeit or volunteering project abroad is a gratifying and humanitarian act that helps developing countries and communities around the world.

It’s the perfect opportunity that combines fun, travel, different cultures, and humanitarian acts. Various projects for different causes are available in a lot of countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and many more. 

If you want to add meaning to your life while enjoying the different cultures and discovering new countries, you may want to consider volunteering abroad.


When you look for a volunteering project or Projekte fur Freiwilligenarbeit, you might notice that all projects have a list of requirements for prospective volunteers. Each requirement can sometimes differ per project and country. You must review the list carefully before you submit your application. 

Here are some of the most common requirements that you can expect when volunteering abroad.

  1. Passport and Visa – To fly to another country, you would need to apply for a passport. Some countries may also require you to apply for a Visa if you plan to stay for a long time. 
  2. Language – Some countries, especially those that are still developing, may not have English as a widely spoken language. You may be required to learn certain languages if you wish to volunteer in a foreign country. 
  3. Age Requirement – Most volunteer projects abroad have a minimum age requirement of 18 years. There are some projects, however, that support high school and younger volunteers. Mature travelers can also find volunteer projects that are aimed explicitly for them.
  4. Physical Ability – Some projects can be physically demanding more than others. Organizations will list this in their requirements to ensure that you can participate.
  5. Experience – Some programs such as medical work may require professional skills and experience.  
  6. Good attitude – Volunteer projects abroad is not a vacation. This is a work that requires applicants to be adaptable, cooperative, approachable, and willing to work hard.  

Don’t be deterred if you don’t meet the requirements of a project you are eyeing. There are so many projects available which you will surely find something that fits you. 

Choosing a Program

Volunteer projects abroad cover issues ranging from health, environment, culture, education, social entrepreneurship, civil rights, equality, and many more. You must ask yourself what you are passionate about. You should also consider if you fit the qualifications and skills they require for volunteers. 

The project and its organizers must have a good reputation within their community. Try to ask around if the community can vouch for the program. Make sure that it has achievable goals that show results.

You should also check if the organization is transparent about its spending. You need to ensure if the money you are giving them is going to the proper parties. A good organization will be able to show volunteers a list of their donors, receipt from the payments, and a breakdown of their expenditure. 

Partnering with a trusted organization such as Global Volunteer will help ease most of your problems. Furthermore, they can narrow your choices and direct you to projects you are passionate about. 

Volunteering abroad is an activity that can help you find meaning and purpose in life. Choose a project that you are passionate about and can be trusted. Review the requirements and send in your application to start your journey!


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