Benefits of Using Online Voicemail


Voicemail can provide businesses with opportunities to catch up with their clients and customers when incoming calls are not timely answered. Then again, it’s not enough to receive customer messages on time. A faster and timely reply to these messages is crucial.  

The introduction of voice-to-email technology and VoIP-intuitive communication features significantly improve response rate and circumvents the voicemail pitfalls that business owners usually ignore. 

Online Voicemail generally serves as a free feature supported by business phone system providers. While businesses need to pay to access this service, the benefits they can enjoy outweighs the cost. 

For one, voicemail to email is used to notify companies via email every time a new voicemail message arrives. 

Apart from this, there is still countless added-value offered by voicemail to email. Here are the top three benefits a business can enjoy from voicemail to email. 

Improved Responsiveness

In a survey conducted by Adobe, the following facts and statistics were revealed: 

  • The time people spend checking their emails increased to 17%
  • Consumers spend around 2 ½ hours per week to check their personal emails
  • Consumers also spend another 3.1 hours per weekday checking work-related emails 
  • 60% of these people check their emails while watching TV, 40% check mails while in the bathroom, 16% check emails while working out, and 14% check even while they’re driving. 

These facts mean that email is a fast and efficient communication tool to reach people. In this case, an online voicemail service can immediately notify businesses as soon as a new voicemail arrives. 

Apart from that, they can also retrieve the message by clicking on the attached audio file. Consequently, they save on the response time to a greater extent. 

And even if return calls are not supported in such scenarios, you can still send a short email to the caller to acknowledge their message and informing them that you will get in touch with them shortly. This response keeps the enthusiasm up as customers are not made to wait for too long. 

Voicemail to email diminishes the likelihood of voicemail messages to be missed and ignored. Also, it provides the business with a chance to reply faster to their customers. 

Improved Mobile Agility

This service also stops employees from worrying over missing a critical voice message when they’re offline. The voicemail to email feature gives the user access to recorded voicemail messages anywhere, any time. 

Whether they’re traveling, waiting in long lines, on their tablet browsing the news, for as long as a voicemail message is sent and recorded, a notification will immediately be sent to the specified recipient email address. 

Free Use of Voicemail Archive

There were cases in the past wherein important voicemail messages were erroneously deleted by the service provider after being dormant for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, with advanced online voicemail services, there are ways to save essential voicemail messages before they get deleted. 

Your specified email box acts as the free voicemail archive that stores all critical voicemail messages. All you have to do is configure your phone system correctly. You can ask your phone system service provider to set it for you. This process is highly feasible because the voice attachments sent with the email notifications getting stored in your email folder as audio files. 

When you receive an email notification, you can save the voicemail message first and retrieve it later when you have to. 

All these stellar benefits are more than enough reasons why your business should subscribe to voicemail to email service. If you need further information or expert advice on the matter, talk to the tech advisors at Talkroute today.


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