Generation Smartphones: A Necessity For Living In The Future


Everything has evolved right from the day big-bang explosion of the universe happened,  ape’s evolved to be humans, they fought  for their survival initially, with the progress of time, they improved their way of living. Humans wanted to make things easier and simple, that was when technology came into the picture. One such technology that is supporting lifestyle presently every nanosecond is mobile communication; it is a truth today with the invention of cellular phones. These cell phones akin to nature’s resources have evolved parallel with the evolution of Man.

The Evolution


Cellular phones were discovered to assist communication irrespective of geographical boundaries, they too succeeded in their job but when makers got to think every peer can provide a handset for speaking, why don’t we improve by providing add-on services?, answering that question mobile makers, went on to improve their design and this led to the beginning of Smart Phones. Smart phones, as their names suggest has lot of intelligence, they provide live streaming of a cricket match to weather updates instantly. Now we have lot of operating systems (OS) for smart phones, but if you think that smartphones keep you entertaining and informative, they are going to prove you wrong by expanding their feasibility boundaries so that you can be assisted on your entire living by using a smartphone, yes we are entering the generation of smartphones.

Questions may arise, there are a lot of information on smartphones right from magazines to bulletins, what’s so new about discussing on smartphones, the answer is we are going to see how a smart phone ‘Intelligently’ will assist people of all ages breaking, virtual and machine constrained boundaries in the future, we will be learning about some future apps that are in budding stages in labs and also the technical and psychological effects of a smart phone.

A smartphone will assist people of all ages, we are now going to see a couple of apps which are categorically arranged as their objective is suited for certain ages,

 Toddler (0-3 years)


we will see how a smartphone will be productive for a toddler, a couple have a child, he’s a toddler. During night time, they need to monitor the child’s comfort level, but they can’t be awake all time. For that a smartphone can be used, an app monitors the child’s sleeping position and breathing, sometimes a toddler will with his stomach facing the bed, this is an unhealthy position for toddler, this can be monitored by the app and alert people, similarly it can set up ‘virtual fences’ around the child, so that if the child gets close to the crib, it can alert his parents, avoiding him from falling down.

Kid(6-10 years)

Now we need to know how it helps a kid, a kid goes to school and comes across a Brazilian child, the Brazilian talks in his own language, the phone using the voice texture can identify the language and translate it through texts to the child, aiding communication breaking language barriers. Also e-learning can be provided to the kid on various subjects too, more over if he goes for skating, it using the ‘Teaching to skate app’ can help him by providing advice on how to skate and monitor his body balance and alert him when he reaches an excess speed an when his balance is haphazard. Similarly it can function as a guardian to him, when a stranger dangerously approaches him, it helps him by asking him to rush to a nearby house or place an auto warning call with the cops instantly.

Youngster (16 and above)

when a boy becomes 16, his parents would like to get him a bike, when the boy drives the bike, he needs to be cautioned about driving safely, this smart phone instructs him to drive smart and safely programmed with driving instructions and contingencies, which when the boy is driving rash, informs his parents on the go, similarly it may direct him to nearby hospital in case of emergencies. Say the boy becomes a man, being a man he will work as a product related executive, the phone will sink the contacts with immediate relationship with him, so that when he needs a car repair personnel, it may pull out a friend’s number who manages a nearby garage. Also it may locate people in a large industrial complex using advanced GPS systems.

Old Age People

The major concern for elder citizens is their health. They need continual monitoring of their vitals, if an old man suffers from diabetes, services for monitoring his blood pressure and other vitals is done by a sensor, these readings are updated on the smartphone, whenever alarming levels are reached, the smart phone calls on the nurse attending the elder person through auto-generated sms.

In that way, the next gen smart phone adopts with different ages of a person, so that it may remain useful by all means for all cases. But we need to know what kind of mental impact it creates on an individual, hence his relationships, his family and in what way it affects in both ways the modern day technology.

Psychological Effects



A smart phone has made life easy and simple, but the conversation we have with our father is irreplaceable by anything on world, if a phone suffices our wants and we get everything under the sun out of it, then the relationship we have with our family, friends and our society diminishes gradually. We shouldn’t interpret this like, a smartphone is an evil to our existence, we need to draw a line to discriminate our personal life and the use of next gen devices, and we need to limit the use of phones in such a way that it doesn’t reduce our relationships.

Your beloved will hate when you check whether kohli has scored a century when you have some private time together. Henceforth, we need to understand the use of a phone with utmost clarity, so that we don’t mistake we are social beings.

Technological Effects


Today, in the modern world each device is constantly updated and optimized, it has made human support, communication, feasibility pretty easier, it has made the saying ‘ Earth is a Global Village’ a truth today.  Synonymous, smart phones have also undergone the change and today we know what pleasures we are enjoying. A smart phone has the ability to communicate with other devices in a confined environment. For example, a smart phone can exchange info with a TV set, with these developments in technology; the society has and will be served well. But we know, with the development in technology, complexity increases and security has become very significant these days. There are lots of hackers online, who are like vultures waiting for prey, so we need to be careful on whatever transaction we make through our phone or anything high profile should be handled delicately, so that everything remains fool proof.

A smart phone has immense benefits these days, we have discussed only a glimpse of what a smart phone can do, but its scope and feasibility is vaster in the future. We need to rightly employ it, so that it can help us lead clarity prone and a prosperous life.



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