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FreshUp-Book room by hours

FreshUp is founded by a group of innovative entrepreneurs as a concept hotel that offers facilities to freshen up. It offers services to people ranging from business travelers to shoppers from nearby places basically anyone requiring a rest for some time. The FreshUp experience includes every modern amenity that a posh hotel offers. One can take rest, charge their gadgets, keep their belongings in safe locker and enjoy delicious food.

Durofy: How would you describe Freshup in one sentence?

FreshUp is a poshtel which has luxurious rooms on hourly basis coupled with top-notch amenities

Durofy: What are the key facilities provided by Freshup for Travellers?

Freshup provides

  •         Cosy shared accommodations
  •         Luggage Drop Facility
  •         Sparkling clean washrooms and bathrooms
  •         24*7 hot water supply
  •         Toiletries
  •         Free and HI Speed Internet
  •         Complimentary Coffee

Durofy: How is FreshUp different in comparison to its competitors?

FreshUp is a new way of stay for and is unique to this segment of Short Stay .  Never before was a traveller paying only for the time spent . Check in and Check out any time  and we are open 24hrs.

Durofy: Who should Use Freshup?

Freshup invites travellers from all walks of life. It is most commonly visited by Male and Female business travellers, Backpackers/Tourists, Pilgrim travellers, People on the go, Road-bound travellers, Corporate travellers, Relatives of patients in hospitals, Shoppers – from nearby towns and Young travellers

Durofy: What were your biggest challenges while setting FreshUp?

Every start-up calls for some challenges, Freshup being a novel concept in this segment and is being explored in India for the very first time . Tapping customer resource, providing for relaxing yet shared spaces and chalking out budget friendly accommodations with the best amenities while keeping up with the global financial crisis are some of the major challenges faced by the company.

Durofy: What were your main marketing channels and strategies for promoting FreshUp?

  • Social Media and Internet / Digital powered marketing
  • Referrals
  • BTL for all Local Promotions
  • Cross Promotions

Durofy: What are the plans in store for 2017?

We plan to grow with more locations in , 2017 and Pan India / Asia  in the next 5 years

Durofy: What was your inspiration to build Freshup?

We are frequent travellers and we  found that there was nothing for a traveller  who could check-in anytime and  only pay for the services one opted for .  We also felt that almost all Indian cities lack well sanitized spaces for travellers to rest, freshen up and wear-off their journey related stress and thus, came up with this idea that has been  well received and was most appreciated .

Durofy: What were some memorable moments in FreshUp Journey?

Like any Idea to get ideated one has to go thru lot of  test cases and  we had  similar such experiences in creating freshup.  One of  them  was  to understand the profile of a traveller and create a space for them in Freshup, we went personally to different amenities and were lying down  to see if was a comfortable Bed / Chaise Lounge etc .. Based on our experience we were designing the furniture. I think we will never forget this experience as the product is so close to our hearts.

Durofy: What would be your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Have focus on what you want to achieve.  Success will come automatically.



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