Free Health Check-Ups With Health Insurance in India 


Did you know that your health insurance plan gives you the benefit of free medical check-ups? While most health insurance plans in India offer free health check-ups, not many people are aware of how they can avail it. And those who do may avoid availing this benefit as they fear that any complication that may arise in the results can escalate their health insurance premiums. 

Well, it’s time to break such myths! The results of the free health check-ups do not impact your health insurance policy. These check-ups are only used for any underwriting purposes if you want to increase your sum insured during policy renewal. Moreover, it is important to get undergo a medical check-up regularly to keep a tab on your health. Experts suggest that you must get a health check-up done at least once a year. 

How Many Free Health Check-Ups Can You Avail?  

The number of free health check-ups offered will vary for different insurance providers and will also differ for individual and family floater health insurance policies. Some insurance providers may also offer an annual health check-up for free even if you file an insurance claim during the policy tenor. An important point to note here is that if any medical complication is diagnosed during such health check-ups, it will not impact your insurance premium. 

Medical Tests Available Under Free Health Check-Ups 

You can rake up a number of medical tests under the free health check-up benefit of your health insurance policy. Usually, the list of such medical tests is mentioned in the health insurance policy wordings. The free medical check-up in health insurance plans generally covers the expenses incurred for routine tests such as lipid profile tests, fasting blood sugar tests, chest x-ray, routine urine tests, complete blood count tests, etc.  

However, you must note that the list of medical tests covered may vary from insurer to insurer. Another point to remember is that the coverage limit for free health check-ups will be based on the sum insured of your health insurance policy. The higher the sum insured, the greater the limit on free health check-ups. 

How to Avail Free Health Check-Ups with Health Insurance 

Here is how you can avail the free health insurance benefit under your health insurance plans: 

  1. Visit your insurance provider’s nearest branch to inform them about availing the free health check-up. 
  2. You can also call your insurer’s toll-free number or write to them on their customer care email  ID to schedule your free health check-up.  
  3. Your insurer will then revert back to you with the confirmed date and time for your free check-up at your preferred diagnostic centre. 
  4. The insurer will provide you with an authorisation letter that you must carry to the diagnostic centre along with your health card. 
  5. If you get the health check-up done at an empanelled diagnostic centre or hospital, you will not have to pay for these expenses out of pocket as your insurer will settle the bills with them directly. However, if you choose to get the tests done at any other lab of your choice, you will have to pay for the expenses and then file for reimbursement with your insurer. 

So, if you’ve been paying for your annual health check-up despite having health insurance coverage, stop now! Why pay for something that is already covered by your health insurance, especially when you know that these check-ups do not have any impact on your insurance premium. Also, make sure you do your annual medical check ups as your health is as important as your work. 

The Final Word 

Now that you know that your health insurance offers the benefit of free-medical check-ups, you must avail this facility. Taking regular medical check-ups will help you stay updated about your health and will help you detect any complications at an early stage. However, if you still don’t have a health insurance policy, wait no more! Get health insurance plans for your family and yourself to stay financially secure during medical emergencies. 


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