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EDEM.3DEM is Design company with immense creativity.They provide personalized gifts that cater to every occasion.The exhilarated journey began in February 2014 when the team started off as a house of Apparels with its own clothing line called EDEM. Soon, EDEM wanted to step into and conquer the blistering trend of 3D printing. In April 2015, the team began its venture into 3D modelling and 3D printing under the brand ScratchStartInc (EDEM.3DEM).ScratchStartInc takes immense pride in its team, not for the numbers but for the magic a small number is constantly creating.As a start-up, the firm believes in one mantra – synergy and creativity.
We had the opportunity to sit down with the founder Sai Sandesh Makam to know more about EDEM.3DEM!

Durofy: How would you describe EDEM.3DEM in one sentence?

3D Printing Emotions like nobody else can.

Durofy: How did the idea of starting EDEM.3DEM come about?

I always wanted to be a businessman just like my father. Having 3 jobs in 9 months did not really cut it for me. I wanted to start something and bring about a identity. All I could think of is create a brand! Create a character! So I realized I had to be in the product market and I started off with apparels and EDEM. I also needed the brand to speak of something more than just profit. I realised I needed an emotional connect. We tied up with an NGO called M.A.D. We planned to contribute a part of the profit from EDEM to MAD. I was inspired enough to create what I wanted to!     

Durofy: Who should use EDEM.3DEM?

EDEM.3DEM is a one stop solution for Industrial Prototyping and gifting solutions. We work with Businesses and Consumers. Consumers use our products as customised gifts to their loved ones. We have a wide range of products which we make completely through 3D Printing. Customised and Personalised accessories has definitely attracted a lot of consumers to our shop. Our products consist of Key chains, Photo Frames, Mobile Stands, Pen Stands, Table tops, Dog Tags etc! All of them customised according to the customer! Yes, Something not many can do in product market!

Our second target customers are industries who are looking for prototypes. Like IOT startups, Mechanical, automobile and product industries! We cater Modelling and Printing services and they choose us to make a product on mind into a real tangible one.

Durofy: What were your biggest challenges while designing for EDEM.3DEM?

3D Printing is all about customisation and strategizing good designs. We need to make sure we have new designs every month to keep our consumers interested in the products. Our biggest challenge is when our customers come up with their own designs and want it be printed. It is very hard to capture their idea and turn it into a 3D Model. Most of the times it is not possible but we at EDEM always try before we say no because being a part of this industry we always believe that we will find a way and when we do, we know the customer will always be assured that we can make exactly what they want!! Challenges are great when met with solutions!

Durofy: What are your main marketing channels for promoting EDEM.3DEM?

We at EDEM are completely Social Media Friendly. We majorly use Facebook and Instagram to get our products the visual attention they need. I use my friend circle to spread the word about my new products. Still have not spent a rupee on marketing. All the reach we have now is completely organic and we hope to build our customer base that way for a while. We are highly active on social media and that has helped us very much!

Durofy: What’s in store for 2017?

2017 will be a very challenging year for us. As being 3rd year into the business now we have a lot of pressure in our hands to sustain it. From the brand point of view we will be focusing on bringing more utility customised products, more customised gifts, more solutions for industrial prototyping. 3D Printing is an infant industry in India right now. We will surely help it to grow and show value of its great application.  

Durofy: What was your inspiration to build a brand from scratch?

Back in 2014. I started EDEM.3DEM as an apparel brand and which now is also a 3D Printing service brand. I wanted to create an identity, make a business and make an impact. I wanted to start a brand which really needed to carry something more than just a name. It needed to carry a character, flavour and something that makes the consumer happy to be a part of. I started with apparels as it seemed to be a good step but even though I closed down that vertical I continued with the same brand for 3D Printing as well.  EDEM focused on high quality products and customer service which is a high priority even today and will continue to be. EDEM was also focused on giving to the society through the business. We were also tied up with MAD (Make a Difference) and we donated a part of the profit to them as their work for the society excited us!! We haven’t looked back since then. The vision remained the same and still does. The consumers of the brand love what they receive and cannot just get one product!!

After 3 years, I can say, I created what I wanted to back then. I created an identity and a character which runs on customer satisfaction wholly.

Durofy: What fascinated you to enter the apparel and 3D Printing field?

In 2014, it seemed to be a good move to start an apparel brand because of the kind of attention ecommerce had created. We started with top quality products and ran with the idea as long as we can. Soon we realised that Apparels was not being fruitful. We had to change and we had to diversify quickly. During our research we figured out that customisation was something customers were eagerly looking for in products they buy. We came across 3D Printing which was a very new industry making its way into Indian market. What it was offering? Customised products in plastic at an MOQ of 1. There was no looking back from there. We jumped on the opportunity and created one of a kind use of it. Created products people that thought weren’t possible through 3d Printing.

Durofy: What were some funny moments in EDEM.3DEM’s  journey of 3 years?

Many. But I laugh at them now. Back then at the moment, I was worried and depressed! I guess business men usually laugh at all the times they thought how they wouldn’t get through tough situations but they do. Everything is worth a smile at the end of the day. There was nothing as funny to report though.

Durofy:  What would be your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

It’s easy to give up! It’s easier to let things go and just stop. But when you do, just remember why you started! Remember what you wanted to be when you started! If that belief is not enough then do what your heart says. But always remember why you started something if you decide to end it! ALWAYS!

Check out the video by EDEM.3DEM: Start-up Story


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