Data Warehouse: [Tutorial 10] BI Tools: SAP BO


In the previous tutorial on datawarehousing, we learnt about SAP BW. This tutorial is an introduction to SAP BO, a reporting tool.

sap bo

Business Objects (SAP BO) is one of the reporting tools used for business intelligence in datawarehousing. It is used for the purpose of querying the data, analysing the data and creating reports from the data. The tool is useful for making business decisions effectively. Moreover, the information and reports can be shared very easily using the tool.

There are different kinds of tools available in SAO BO itself for different purposes. These tools include Universe Designer, Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Xcelsius and BEx.

Universe Designer

Universe can be used for creating queries that can be used for analysing the data. It involves three basic terminologies viz. Universe, Object and Class. A universe can be created using universe designer. Universe consists of object, class and filter.

Objects are nothing but elements used to create reports and are grouped in classes on the basis of similarity of data. Filters can be created for querying the data according to the desired results. These are created in query panel.

Web Intelligence

Web intelligence is a tool that can be used for creating a new report or modifying an existing report. The reports can also be customized using charts and tables in web intelligence. The tool is simply known as “Webi” and technically “Web Intelligence Rich Client”. Querying databases is also very easy with it.

The documents created in web intelligence are called web intelligence documents. The already existing reports can be modified, analysed and shared in different formats to the team members, customers etc. The reports can be created in the form of tables, charts etc.

Info View

Info View is used to access web intelligence. After logging into Info View, one can use the tool. Info View is divided into several panels like navigation panel, workspace panel and toolbars like title bar, navigation bar etc. Using Info View one can manage, view and send documents.

Web intelligence report panel can be used for extracting the data and adding filters to analyse the reports.

Desktop Intelligence

Desktop intelligence is a tool used for creating and viewing reports locally without using web. It is also simply referred to as “Deski”.


CMC stands for Central Management Control and is used for creating, viewing and deleting users. This tool is for the purpose of getting web access.

This tutorial was a short introduction on SAP BO. Continue reading the next tutorial for an introduction on Informatica.


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