Data Warehouse: [Tutorial 12] BI Tools: Cognos


In the previous tutorial, we learnt about Informatica tool. This tutorial is a short introduction on Cognos Tool.

Cognos is one of the reporting tools used in business intelligence. It helps in retrieving data from various source systems, analysing and monitoring it and creating reports. This tool is beneficial for decision making, maintaining the quality of data and managing the data effectively.

Some of the Features of Cognos

Report Studio

Report studio is an application tool in Cognos which is used by authors to create and share reports. Using this tool, one can also edit the reports.

Reports in query studio or analysis studio can be modified using this tool. Reports can be easily created from a number of databases. These reports can be created in the form of charts, lists, maps etc.

Query Studio

This application tool helps to create and save reports easily and quickly. It is helpful for meeting report requirements other than in report studio. It can be easily used by less-experienced users to design reports.

Ad-hoc queries and reports can be easily created by the users which can also be shared in different formats. One can perform various operations on the data viz. performing calculations, sorting the data, grouping of data, filtering the data etc.

Analysis Studio

The analysis studio is useful in analysing the dimensional data present in data sources. Using this tool, one can access the OLAP data also. One can use the tool for the purpose of comparing and analysing the dimensional data.

The analysis of data can be performed from various dimensions of the business. Different filters can be applied for analysing the data. The reports can be shared to others in different formats.

Event Studio

The event studio is used to monitor the business events. Whenever a business event occurs, user can monitor it and perform the required tasks. An event can be anything that changes the data or that may contribute in the success of the business.

It can be some items in the data having significant values. After monitoring these events, users take actions like running reports, sending emails etc.

Metric Studio

Metric studio can be used to create scorecards on the basis of business metrics. Using the scorecards, one can monitor and analyse the data effectively.

One can come to know where the business is lacking and needs improvement. One can track the performance of business from different perspectives.


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