Common Video Conferencing Problems


When working in business, in whichever industry or sector that’s in, you’ll find that no system is perfect. Nothing is 100% foolproof and one day that system will be tested to its brink and will fail. Running a successful business is about knowing this and preparing for these instances, sure you can reduce the risk of that happening and implement ways of fixing these problems as soon as they appear. Reacting fast and efficiently is what puts the true business leaders ahead of their competition, knowing how to react.


Viju will discuss a few common problems that can occur when dealing with video conferencing, whether it be the software or the hardware involved.

Space Constraints

When you’ve got video conferencing capabilities you’ll quickly realize how much room you don’t have in your business. Often needing a dedicated meeting room for video conferencing, it doesn’t take much before that room is consistently filled, making it difficult to have more than one meeting on at any given time. This also relates to having a mobile workforce, when team members can’t all be in one place at the same time and are often out on jobs throughout the week. They still need to get together, to collaborate, so you need an effective way of connecting them all efficiently.

Huddle rooms are great ways to compensate for lack of space, all while connecting your workforce together. Taking advantage of any space you can get your hands on, using video conferencing solutions, a small table, chairs, an interactive whiteboard and a TV then that’s all you need to get your team to collaborate. This gives your team a small and quick solution if a bigger meeting room is in use, removing any delays projects may encounter.


We’ve all gone through a meeting where you’re just sat there and have little to no interaction in the meeting. Sometimes on the edge of the table, out of view of the video meeting, you’re unable to get your point across. This is a large problem for many businesses that conduct video and audio conferences, not everybody can get their input across.

In the past few years, there’s been an advancement of video conferencing technology that allows the hardware to pick up who’s speaking and zone in on their voice and face to put them into focus. Allowing people who aren’t there, on another device across the globe, to see and better understand the user who’s speaking. This is a great feature to have and is a good enough reason to consider upgrading as it creates a more engaging meeting, where all users are collaborating, nobody is left out.

Lack of Support

Whether you’re a business just making the move into video conferencing or you’re a large business that has dealt with it before, sometimes you don’t have the capability to provide an IT team that can provide 24/7 support. It’s a common occurrence that even the most experienced IT team won’t have full knowledge or the capability to fix your video conferencing problems.

Many providers of video conferencing solutions such as Viju, offer support services, so when there’s a problem and you can’t conduct an important meeting, their team is on hand to help you sort it out in no time at all.

Significance of Quality Video Conferencing Solutions

Effective video conferencing solutions are very important because they make it possible for your team members to become the part of a meeting even if they are working at different offices. In other words, if your offices are located in different cities video conferencing remains your first option when it comes to interacting with team members who are working jointly on a project. If you do not use video conferencing solutions then it’s extremely difficult for you to enhance the productivity of your employees and eventually the growth of your business. So, if you want to give a nice working environment to your employees, the only thing that you need to consider is to find a reliable partner who can offer quality video conferencing solutions to you.

Until and unless you are capable of holding interactive meetings it becomes quite difficult to sort out issues and confusions. It’s truly very important that every member working on a particular project has sufficient knowledge about it so that they can finish it within deadlines. And video conferencing is a great way of clearing your doubts and confusions by interacting with your seniors.

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