10 Clever Travel Apps for Travel Enthusiasts


Travelling has become a journey of self-discovery, an experience, and way to live it up! Exploring new places and going local and reliving every story in a travel diary is the new travel mantra. Thanks to technology and the internet, the whole world is on your plate! With smartphones taking precedence over partners, developers are having a field day developing innumerable apps designed to make travel easier. But how do you know what works?
Want to explore places that are off the grid? Want to look for locations that pamper your soul?  Look no further. We’ve listed out lifesaving travel apps will make your journey smoother and your smartphone smarter.

Here are the 10 best travel apps that will do most of the work for you, so you could travel hassle free!



Make My Trip is one of the best travel booking sites in India. It has an all-in-one app for all travel related requirements. The Make My Trip app helps you find and book flights and hotels at the best prices in India. It can also be used for train ticket bookings in India.


AudioCompass has introduced this app in collaboration with the Ministry of India Tourism. The app is an audio guide for a number of tourist places and attractions across India. It is good for those who avoid hiring tour guides at tourist places.



This is the place to find brutally honest reviews of hotels, restaurants and more. Stripped of all the rosy images that travel agencies roll out, It’s pretty blunt and frank about its reviews along with providing the address and contact details for establishments, TripAdvisor also has a built-in flight checker. It also lets you save pages for hotels, restaurants, and attractions so you can quickly find them again.





Install this mobile app to get information about Indian cities that you want to visit. The app will also help you find out the most popular and lesser known tourist places across India. With this app, you can also find out the best hotels and restaurants at your chosen tourist destinations. It will also let you know about the funny things to do during your trips in India.



Triposo is the best alternative to guidebooks for travelers on the go across India. Triposo’s customized mobile application answers all basic queries regarding where to dine, where to stay, where to relax, what to buy, what to eat, etc. The best advantage of this travel app is that it functions offline too.



How great would it be if you could understand languages just like Spanish or French without having to know the language? With Jibbigo, all you have to do is select the output language, speak a sentence and it will translate it aloud. It’s a perfect app when travelling abroad because its vocabulary can easily manage translations. It supports 21 languages from which only a dozen have the speech feature implemented and for the others, translations are shown as text.



If travel and food are two words that go together for you, Travelkhana is the right app for your train travel in India. Travelkhana is a 24hour food delivery app with a growing network of restaurants across India. If you wish to make your travel a culinary journey with delicious food, download and use Travelkhana app. All you need to do is enter your PNR number, select a station and choose your favorite dishes from the comprehensive menu. The app also tracks orders and supports online payment.



WeTravelSolo is one of the best Indian travel apps for solo travelers. The app offers multiple options like ‘Find Your Soulmate’, ‘Take A Trip’, and ‘Unique Trip Ideas.’ Using the WeTravelSolo trip, solo travelers can find and meet like minded travelers during their trips across the world. You can join networks of solo travelers and visit their profiles to check if their travel buckets match yours.

IRCTC Connect


Needless to say, India’s train travel network is the largest in the world. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has its own mobile app which travelers can use to book tickets, check train schedules and PNR status.



Airbnb has a range of offbeat options to choose from colonial mansions in Goa, Himalayan cottages and tree houses situated in the midst of a forest in Madhya Pradesh. Bypassing the comforts of hotel chains, it’s ideal for travellers looking to mingle with the locals and get under the skin of the place they’re visiting. The reviews and the option to contact the host make it easy to narrow down on a homestay catering to your interest.



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