Why Choosing WordPress to Build & Power Your Site Makes the Most Sense in 2017


The internet is growing faster than ever. It is providing a global marketplace for anyone willing to leverage it to build one’s brand and business. The key to doing this is to get a WordPress powered website up and running and tap into the marketplace of endless potential customers found online. This task itself can be a daunting one for most entrepreneurs and many are unsure of where to start.

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In today’s marketplace, about 30% of the entire internet is powered by WordPress. Among the top 1 million sites online, that number skyrockets to nearly 49%, making WordPress a go-to tool for a large segment of the world’s biggest and most popular websites and brands. WordPress is a great site building platform and is likely the option that makes the most sense in 2017 for getting started, especially with the dedicated support and lightning fast speeds WordPress users enjoy can enjoy.


How It Works

According to Wikipedia statistics on WordPress, it is currently used to power over 60 million sites from nearly every sector online. WordPress is able to be highly customisable and can perform any function once installed. It is because it uses plugin architecture over a template theme system.

There are two main ways to set up a WP site. The first is a part of an internet hosting service and platform, WordPress.com. With it, plugins are limited, but you get the full support of WordPress’s staff and analytics tools.

The second option is to use the WordPress software package from WordPress.org. This is also known as self-hosted WordPress, and with it, you have the freedom to use any plugins. Moreover, you can govern your site however you want. Either method works well and is relatively easy to set up and use.

Tutorials & Support

For many of us among the non-internet-savvy, the idea of putting together our own site seems daunting and nearly unfathomable.

WordPress integration, however, is rather straightforward and there is a host of resources available to teach a new WordPress user the fundamentals. WP is so universally adopted that there are thousands of tutorials and educational tools available to make setting up a website as easy as following an instruction.

Furthermore, web hosting companies that provide exclusive WordPress hosting have excellent online learning centres and support staff trained with tons of experience in handling this CMS.


WordPress Themes & Plugins

The themes and plugins that make WP so universal are one of the key factors in choosing it. There are themes for every type of site, from simple blogs and newsfeeds to full-powered commercial solutions.

These themes are, in some cases, free and in most cases, very cost effective with the average theme costing $57.54.

Additionally, there are over 52,000 plugins available for download on WordPress that facilitate everything from spam detection to contact and live chat integration. ,

For example, WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that powers over 28% of all online stores.

The themes and plugins are what really make using WP a premier option. It’s best for those looking to cut down developer costs and get online quickly, without sacrificing functionality and usability.

Credibility & Mass Market Adoption

WordPress is older than Facebook or Twitter and has incredible market credibility. It is used by some of the world’s biggest celebrities, brands, companies, and governments. It is 8.9 times more popular than its closest competitor due to this mass-market adoption. Moreover, it commands a market share of 59.5% of all CMS or content management systems.

Its solid reliability and a steady stream of upgrades make it very safe and secure, with little downtime if any. This bolsters WordPress’s credibility even further.

The WP team upgrades the WordPress code on average every 42 days, ensuring a smooth user experience while upgrading security and features as needed.

It is available in 72 languages and powers some of the biggest sites online including Disney, eBay Inc., and Sony. It also has its roots in the small business sector and has been designed with entrepreneurs and small business owners in mind.

WordPress-powered sites are highly customisable and functional. It has a simple-to-use interface and a host of features available through plugins. A vast amount of tutorials and information exists making implementation very straightforward and simple. Plus, so many other adopters have used their plugins and themes.

Building and powering your website with WP is a great choice because of all these reasons. It is an amazing tool to get your businesses online and tapping into the global marketplace that makes up the world wide web.

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