Challenges and Benefits of Starting or Working in a Startup


Ever thought of starting your own company or working in a startup?

Every person needs a guiding hand in this world and if we are talking about stepping on something new, it needs several things including:

  1. Idea
  2. Passion
  3. Hard-work
  4. Guidance

The first three cannot be taught by others. If it is in you then only you can excel in your specific path. The last parameter-guidance can be taken from people who have more experience in that arena. If you are a footballer so you need a coach and if you are an actor, you need a best critic. Similarly for all “entrepreneurs of their own work” direction can be from people who have outgrown that shell and had been a significant member of this community.

Today we present to you some snippets on the “challenges and benefits on starting or working in a start-ups” and views of people who work or have founded a start-up company.

1. Annkur P Agarwal

(co-founder of Pricebaba)

He says, “The challenges of a startup include risk taking in terms of finance, career growth, health and well being due to stress / pressure and lack of confidence. It is also the most powerful and responsible way to live. The upside includes monetary gain, fame and a satisfaction of having created something. “



2. Snehil khanor

(co-founder of FindYahan)

He says, “Well I’m a start-up consultant and works with around 7 – 8 of them (Printland, TrulyMadly, Rutbaa, ForkMyCity, FindYahan, TummyBells, IndiPepper) and it challenging, at the same time very entertaining. You got to be an Entrepreneurial spirit. Learning that happens is twice, nay thrice than that of any normal corporation. As an early founding member you may also get an equity which may help you in long term value creation. In a startup there’s no definite role, you have to wear multiple hats.”



3. Gaurav Jassal

(Founder and CEO at Assessment Network)

He says, “I started my career with DICS computers as multimedia student. I joined the course over there and I have worked for TEAM FIVE. It’s a web designing company as a BDM (business development manager). Start-up idea came up when i was in VIPS doing my BJMC. Challenges can be establishing a brand image, which requires funding. You had to take everything in your hand. There can be a situation when your start-up will have no profit- no loss. Give it some time to grow. Benefit is as we all know “you are your own employer”, you are free to operate as you like.”


These were some insights we bought to you. Hoping you liked it. For all the aspiring entrepreneurs we want to say there might not always be favourable time, you may get hardships but it’s just a beginning. Pack your bags and get started!


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