Career Paths that will Stay in Demand for the Foreseeable Future


Career paths have to be thought out as certain paths might become obsolete due to technology in the coming years. The Coronavirus pandemic deemed certain businesses unessential. This impacted jobs that were otherwise stable for decades. The need to find a career path that will be viable for a few decades can be tough as technology seems to be developing at immense rates. The following are stable career paths that will continue to see demand well into the future. 


Even at the peak of the pandemic in 2020, pilots could still find work even if their airline job was on hold. Flying private planes does offer income but in turn, offers new challenges. Pilots are expected to be more sociable than commercial pilots. The cockpit door is frequently open which is illegal on commercial flights. Getting the appropriate training to get your pilot’s license is going to take time in the air, classroom, and everything in-between. Investing in an FAA-Approved flight school is essential to make sure you learn the appropriate skills. You want to be an expert pilot which will include knowledge of aviation law. “The longer a student flies, the more he or she understands the importance of having at least some knowledge of aviation law. The fact that the bulk of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s Knowledge Test, which is required of one to pass for rating and certificates, should identify that a basic understanding of legal procedures and laws is vital for any pilot.” This is the knowledge that you want to learn from experts in a structured curriculum that will set you up for success in aviation. 

Freelance Writing 

Taking the freelance writing path is not for all writers in the slightest. All writers would love to work from home but not all writers have the discipline to sit down and write daily. Freelance writers will have to take on projects that they find to be boring to finance their lives. Finding a few projects that you truly enjoy working on while being paid appropriately can be a godsend. These not only help you stabilize your income but you also already know what the client expects. Writing is going to stay in demand in a variety of forms including product descriptions. eBooks, blogs, articles, and longer pieces of content. Dedicate time daily to improving your writing and in a matter of months, you can be charging a premium for your work. Writers with expert-level knowledge on topics can be paid handsomely to write on a subject they already know. 

Data Analysts 

The ability to work with data is going to grow ever more important in the coming years. There is so much technology that gathers data that needs to be analyzed into actionable strategies, for example, visualization of data to get a clear understanding by tools like Tableau and any Tableau Certification could help you with that. Being a master data analyst can be done through self-education or a degree program. Businesses of all types utilize data so you will have your pick of industries if you possess the appropriate skills. Being able to use certain technology will be a requirement that will likely be covered in a quality online degree program.
Many Top Universities & Corporations have introduced their online Data Analyst course

A Career in Digital Marketing 

Freelance writers that are mentioned above work in digital marketing whether they know it or not. There are so many types of digital marketing professionals that possess very different types of knowledge. A design expert might understand the need for the perfect graphic on the website. A lead generation professional will understand how to create a call to action on marketing materials that are distributed. Finding your niche in digital marketing is the first step as there are no formal requirements to start. There are certifications but a great skill to have is being a proficient writer. You might start as an email marketer only to change roles to an influencer outreach position. The more skills that you can learn while employed the better as these can easily be leveraged into a freelance career in the future. A great way to build a relationship with a current agency is by working with them on a contract level. Most agencies won’t let a great freelancer go without a job offer or some form of consistent work. Take the time to focus on your resume when applying for these jobs. The last thing you want is an error when applying for a position that requires you to edit copy. 

Career paths that offer stability also offer peace of mind for professionally. With the paths above, you are not going to have to worry about technology automating your job. Take time to consider your options carefully and take your current skills/knowledge into consideration.


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