How to Buy the Best Cricket Bag for Your Equipment?


For a player, a cricket bag is necessary to carry his cricket equipment safely. It should have space to take everything from shoes, bats, clothes, pads, caps, towels, and gloves. Fortunately, a good cricket bag can protect your equipment from external elements, such as sunlight, heat, water, and air.

The market has numerous cricket bags, and wheelie bag is a common choice. You can also choose a duffle bag because of its ample storage. Every bag has different purposes; therefore, you have to consider your requirements before choosing a bag. Some bags are suitable for training, but others are standard bags for fitness sessions. If you need something special, feel free to buy a cricket bag from Kookaburra.

If you are confused about selecting a suitable cricket bag, here are some important instructions to follow.

Size of Cricket Bag

In the first step, you have to consider the size of a cricket bag. Undoubtedly, size is really important for cricketers. A wicket-keeper needs a large bag with sufficient room for batting and wicket-keeping equipment. Similarly, the captain needs adequate storage space to carry a spare kit, match balls, fitness and coaching aids, and scorebook.

Moreover, you will need a large bag if you want to travel for tournaments. You have to store your toiletries, regular clothes, and cricket kit. Undoubtedly, senior cricketers need a large bag compared to junior cricketers because they have more equipment to store. Remember, Kookaburra Pro, Wheelie, and Gray-Nicolls cricket bags are great for a professional player.

Concentrate on Practicality

Now you have found the right size for your cricket bag, you should pay attention to its practical use. It should support you to store your gear easily and quickly. Your overall cricket kit should fit into it. Some cricket bags come with external pockets that give you extra space to store cricketer’s accessories that are not in use. Always look for the quality of the material, zip cord, and clips to select your cricket bag because they need to be durable. The size of the cricket bag is also very much important. It should suit your needs so that you don’t feel overloaded while playing or traveling. After size, you have to focus on practicality because it is also important for cricket bags. It should support you to store your gear practically without any hurdle. Make sure to buy a bag with lots of pockets and a large opening to access everything with ease.

Storage Options

If you want to buy a cricket bag online, it is essential to focus on storage. Carefully see images and read the product description to determine the storage of a bag. The best bag comes with padlock pockets, bat caves, and cool zones to keep your drinks chilled.

Moreover, you will need a waterproof tunnel for shoes and a helmet pocket. Some bags come with several other bags for different items, such as toiletries and clothing. The type and size of the bag and the number of pockets are completely your choices. You have to consider your preferences before taking any decision.

Cricket Bags with Wheels

Cricket bags with wheels seem to be the in thing right now, it seems like everyone has them. Today it is necessary if you want to make sure that all your cricket gear will fit into your bag without carrying too much weight. A wheeled bag is a famous option because you can easily transport it on smooth terrain without putting pressure on your shoulders. Moreover, if you have an upstairs dressing room, you will need a duffle bag. Sometimes, a wheelie bag comes with a pull handle to increase its practicality. These bags are large and easy to navigate around. Many times, the gear you need is way across the field or your backyard is terrain that is not that smooth. You need something to help you roll your stuff to the spot that you need, and a cricket bag with wheels will be the perfect solution for such hapless cases.

Duffle Bags

A small, medium, or large duffle bag is perfect for carrying your clothes and gym gear. Whether you’re going on a weekend trip or are headed to the gym, you’ll find that a duffle bag is an easy way to carry all of your items and more. These bags offer a wide opening so that you can easily pack or remove items. They also have a shoulder strap that allows you to carry them with ease, especially when they are filled with heavy items. These are becoming popular because cricketers like over-the-shoulder bags. Indeed, these are suitable for training if you do not have to carry the entire equipment with you. If you have plenty of cricket tools, make sure to choose a wheelie. Undoubtedly, duffle bags are easy to carry upstairs because of a shoulder strap.


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