GMAT: Top 5 Books for GMAT Preparation


Are you thinking of MBA or Masters in a Top Engineering and Business Schools in The United States, U.K, Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else the world. The first thing which pops up in your mind, which book is the best for preparation and for high scoring. This is a common confusion among the early aspirants. All the top Universities abroad ask for an impressive GMAT or GRE score for admission. You can’t take risk with the scores which decides your future. I hope you are familiar with the insights and procedure of these exams. If not you can visit their official sites for more information.

Top 5 Book Series for GMAT[Graduate Management Admission Test]

1. GMAC Book Series

  • The Official Guide for GMAT Review Series 11th, 12th and 13th Edition: This is the actual official guide for GMAT preparation book from the Graduate Management Admission Council. It consists of more than 900 questions from past exams. The recently launched companion website consists of more than 50 reasoning questions. moreover this book gives you a brief idea on which parts of the exam you must focus on.
  • The Official GMAT Quantitative Review, 2nd Edition: Consisting of 300 actual questions from past tests, including 75 new questions. Sections on Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Problem Solving, and Data Sufficiency Questions is well organized .
  • The Official GMAT Verbal Review, 2nd Edition: 300 actual questions from past  exams, including 75 new questions organized in order of difficulty. Separate Sections on Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Correction provided.
The Official Guide to GMAT.

The Official Guide to GMAT.


 2. Kaplan GMAT Series

The Kaplan GMAT series has a variety of books targeting different sections of this international exam.

  • Kaplan GMAT 800: consisting of 800 mind boggling questions. You must go for this book only after you are done with other books and your are aiming for 750+..
  • Kaplan GMAT Math Workout: Targeting review of the math concepts aspirants must know. includes  hundreds of exercises, detailed answer explanations and score raising strategies. 
  • Kaplan GMAT Verbal Workbook: Consisting of exclusive strategies, vocabulary building methods, practice questions and a detailed section on Analytical Writing Assessment.
  • Kaplan GMAT MATH Foundations: This book is meant for those people who are out of practice for around 10 years. It is just like a refresher guide. Consists of comprehensive coverage of arithmetic, algebra and geometry concepts, to help you regain your speed and accuracy. Hundreds of practice questions are given with detailed, back-to-basics, tutored explanations. 
  • Kaplan New GMAT Premier 2013 with 5 Online Practice Tests
Kaplan GMAT Series

Kaplan GMAT Series


3. The Princeton Review

  • Cracking the GMAT with 2/4 Practice TestsDiagnostic exam sections to assess where you stand with over 180 additional practice test questions organized in order of difficulty. Complete review of all GMAT test topics. Practice Tests for every section, from data sufficiency to reading comprehension. Tutored instructions on the Integrated Reasoning questions
  • 1,037 Practice Questions for the New GMAT:  it Consists of 1 full-length mock test. You can access 100 Integrated Reasoning practice questions, 25 in the book and 75 online. 55 additional math and verbal mock tests. Tests on new question types like table analysis, graphics interpretation, multi-source reasoning,and two-part analysis. Math mock tests, on algebra, arithmetic, geometry, statistics separately. Verbal mock tests on sentence correction, reading comprehension, and critical reasoning. Detailed answers and explanations for every question.
  • Math Workout for New GMAT: Over 220 Practice questions covering data sufficiency, algebra, statistics, geometry, and more. Tips and Tricks on algebra and geometry and some powerful workout strategies. 
  • Verbal Workout for New GMAT: includes 150 Practice questions and detailed explanations on Sentence Corrections, Reading Comprehension, Arguments, and the Analytical Writing Assessment. Some Powerful strategies and tips/tricks on problem solving.
The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review Series


4. Manhattan Complete Strategy Guide Set, 5th Edition

It is a complete set of ten books which cover each and every aspect of the GMAT Tests. The only problem is you have to study 10 different books where you can practice for all sections in  MAX 4-5 books from other publishers. On the other hand each book is a specialized book, so there is no confusion and ambiguity in types of questions.  Each book digs deeply into every single area of the exam, providing detailed and specialized instructions.  The books include

  • GMAT Roadmap, 5th Edition
  • Fractions, Decimals, & Percents GMAT Strategy Guide, 5th Edition
  • Algebra GMAT Strategy Guide, 5th Edition
  • Word Problems GMAT Strategy Guide, 5th Edition
  • Geometry GMAT Strategy Guide, 5th Edition
  • Number Properties GMAT Strategy Guide, 5th Edition
  • Critical Reasoning GMAT Strategy Guide, 5th Edition
  • Reading Comprehension GMAT Strategy Guide, 5th Edition
  • Sentence Correction GMAT Strategy Guide, 5th Edition
  • Integrated Reasoning & Essay Strategy Guide, 5th Edition
Complete Strategy Guide Set. 5th Edition

Manhattan GMAT : Complete Strategy Guide Set. 5th Edition


5. Barron’s NEW GMAT, 17th Edition

Go for this book and the its earlier editions only and only if you have solved each and every question in books mentioned above. Actually you don’t need this book. This is like an extra! Since i had to write on TOP 5 BOOKS ON GMAT, i had to include this one too. Personally I don’t recommend this book.

It consists of 4 mock tests with explanations for all questions. One diagnostic test to tell you about areas which need intensive study. Some Test-taking strategies and comprehensive reviews covering essay writing, reading comprehension, sentence correction, critical reasoning, problem solving, data sufficiency, and mathematics.

Barron's NEW GMAT

Barron’s NEW GMAT, 17th Edition

According to My research and study, the Official Guide to GMAT series + Sentence Correction GMAT Strategy by Manhattan + Kaplan GMAT math and verbal workout  is enough. If you are aiming for 750+ go for Kaplan GMAT 800 too.

I hope this post must have helped all you aspirants! All the Best for your preparations and GMAT exam!


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