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0 is a wonderful website where one can seek advice from experts on almost every topic. There are a number of situations in life when we need advice from someone who is knowledgeable.

We often feel it cumbersome to reach the expert who can deal with the problem well and can guide us properly. What more one would need if one is getting a great piece of advice from an expert and that even free of cost. is one such well-known site.


all experts was created in 1998. It is one of the largest and oldest website in internet answering the queries on various topics.

About the Experts

All the experts who deliver answers to the questions are volunteers on the website. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable who have desire to share their wisdom.


The experts are highly professional and quickly answer the queries in 1-2 days or even lesser than that. More than two million questions have been answered on this site. Also, one can also keep the questions and answers private.

For this, just click on the checkbox for keeping the questions private. The experts answer the questions very precisely listing the main issues and actions required.

Time to Get Answers from Experts

Usually, the questions are answered by the experts within few hours or in a day but it may take up to 2-3 working days. It is one of the best website where one gets instant and quick reply.

Process to Ask a Question to an Expert

First choose the category where your query lies. You can also search it from the “find” option at the top right corner. Let us select the category “Jobs/Careers”, for example.



Select the sub category where the query may lie, out of all the subcategories available. Let us choose “Job Searching: Canada” as the sub category.


Choose one of the topics among all the subcategories. Suppose, we select “Headhunters & Employment Agencies”.


Check all the experts under a particular category. Select the expert according to your needs after reading the details about his or her speciality.


Click on “Ask a Question” option and write your query there along with details about your name and email id.You can check the box for keeping the question private.


Sometimes an expert may not be available as he or she may be on vacation, one can choose another expert or wait for the time he or she is available again.

Here’s an example of a question asked by someone to the expert in this category:


After getting response from the experts, you can rate the expert and ask a follow up question. On the basis of this rating, experts are listed among the top experts of the year.

Here’s an answer for the above question asked to the expert. It also shows the rating done by the person who asked the question. The rating very well shows how far he is satisfied with the answer.


Topics on which expert advice is available

There are a number of topic on which one can ask advice from the experts viz. Animals/Pets, Arts/Humanities, Autos, Business, Cities/Towns, Comedy, Cultures, Education, Food/Drink, Gadgets, Games, Health/Fitness, Hobbies, Home/Garden, Homework Help, Industry, Internet/Online, Jobs/Careers, Kids, Money, Movies, Music/Performing Arts, News/Issues, Parenting/Family, People/Relationships, Real Estate, Recreation/Outdoors, Religion/Spirituality,Science,Shopping,Sports,Style,Teens,Travel andTV/Radio.


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