What are the Advantages of Using a Laser Cutter Machine?


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You might be wondering what the advantages of using an industrial laser cutter are but would be afraid to ask. Well, you need not worry anymore about today. We will be talking about it in great detail.

A laser cutting machine is a device specially used for cutting any kind of material with the help of a laser beam. This machine is similar to that of the printer as there are cases wherein they play an identical role in modeling. It is used by graphic designers, business card producers, and paper manufacturers in the printing industry.

The metal laser cutter at ACT Laser has been used for many years now and is used widely to cut materials of different shapes and sizes. The machines are also known as the computer numerical control (CNC) routers and are used in different industries for cutting various materials. Although there are a number of software available, which can be used to design objects that can be made using the CNC router, this article focuses on the advantages of using such a machine.

Holding work in position and no contamination

Laser Cutting is an additive manufacturing process, which means it builds a part by successively layering material until the object is built. The material to be cut is held in position by a vacuum so it does not touch the work surface throughout the entire operation. This means there is no contamination from oil, metal dust, or powder resulting from grinding.

Having a laser cutter machine in your workshop is one of the most useful things you could ever have. Not only do they offer high precision in cutting and reproduction, but they also come with an enormous range of applications. There is no end to the materials that can be cut with them, such as paper, plastic, wood, leather, non-ferrous metals (gold and silver), semi-precious stones, and mirrors.

Physical vapor deposition or PVD 

Physical vapor deposition or PVD is a method of solidification that has been entirely developed into the beam of laser machines. The plasma gas laser cutting machine with a low-temperature effect allows processing different kinds of metal like stainless steel and steels, nickel, and materials like titanium, aluminum brass, and copper alloys. The main advantage of PVD cutting in comparison to conventional methods is the extremely high throughput rate. Due to the increased laser power, an enormous increase in the speed of processing metal materials can be achieved. This requires a small fraction of material that is easy to use and can also be used on a variety of work-pieces due to its high efficiency.

No warping and is versatile

As the laser beam is aimed precisely at the weld area only, there is a very little heat-affected zone that subsequently reduces distortion. The use of lasers is able to yield near-perfect joints within fractions of seconds and allows for great tolerance levels when it comes to precision. 

The reason the laser method is gaining popularity is because of its cutting accuracy and cleanliness. This happens because all the debris and smoke that would occur during other conventional cutting methods doesn’t happen in this method. Laser cutting is a very viable option for the manufacturing of metals, but it can also be done with wood and other materials. Basically, any material that can be cut with heat is amenable to laser cutting.

The Laser Beam Technology is used to cut out different materials like metals, stainless steel, wooden materials, rubber, plastics, ceramics, glass, etc. The technology has been used to cut out large objects and small ones of about five centimeters of thickness. It can provide great impetus in creating complicated pieces of work with utmost perfection. The Cloud Cutter is a handheld plasma torch that runs on an EDC (Elastic Data Carrier) system, which means that it has no power or fuel source of its own. All it requires is the energy supply for the power pack and can slice through any soft enough material.

Best use of space and lower mishaps

A laser machine can have up to 40 gleams capable of creating the maximum amount of cutting and work. In this manner, the machine is capable of removing elements that were used previously. This is done in a simple manner, in a way that is exactly similar to reusing an element. In some cutting techniques, the machine might be unable to remove it. Other machines will have less gleams, and hence, the performance cannot be better than the gleam number in those machines.

There are various laser cutting machine manufacturers that one can experience, but it is important to note that they have different types of machines based on the materials that they can cut and things like these. These really are effective in getting things done in a time period of only a few hours as opposed to several days as in times past when other machines were used for similar applications. Yet this may be a great option for many businesses today who have smaller shops with limited space to use, and that is why they are able to get the work done rather fast and efficiently.



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  2. It’s nice that you talked about how the use of lasers is able to yield near-perfect joints within fractions of seconds and allows for great tolerance levels when it comes to precision. I was reading a magazine about metal manufacturing earlier and one of the articles mainly talked about laser cutting. It seems there are a lot of advantages to using laser, so I now understand why most would choose laser cutting.

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