7 Theme Based Restaurants in Bangalore


How many of us have craved for an ambience different from the usual chairs and table setup at restaurants? When we go to a restaurant or cafe, it is to escape from the humdrum of daily life and spend some time in the company of loved ones and share a few laughs and eat to our heart’s content. What if you could transport to a different world in those few hours you spend at a restaurant? Here, we list 10 theme based restaurants in Bangalore, your chance to break free from the monotony of life.

Cable Car

Location: Jayanagar 5th Block


Source: Eatisfy

Cable Car is a restaurant modelled on the lines of the American city of San Francisco. The restaurant offers a pleasant ambience and transports you to San Francisco while you sit in the blue cable car seating. The walls of the restaurant are adorned with photographs of different parts of San Francisco.

Firangi Paani

Location: 2nd Floor, Forum Mall, Koramangala


Source: Zomato

Firangi Paani is designed on the lines of English pubs. The interiors include leather upholstered chairs, antiques imported from England. The food and drinks are completely English transporting you to a world of the English!


Location: 6th Floor, Bangalore Central, Jayanagar 9th Block


Source: Buzzintown

As the name suggests, Village is designed to resemble a village with street side chats, fair-like ambience. It has a complete Indian mela like ambience all through the year. Colourful hangings, kites made from paper, and many other signature features of an Indian mela are an essential part of creating the atmosphere and ambience in the Village.

Silver Metro

Location: Total Mall, Madiwala


Source: Eatisfy

The Silver Metro restaurant located inside the Total Mall, Madiwala has been designed on the lines of the Bangalore Metro trains. The restaurant also has certain portions named Brigade Road and Indiranagar which adds more authenticity to the whole theme.


Location: Bellandur


Source: Buzzintown

The ambience of Ruh is that of a middle eastern or Arabian theme. The theme is amplified by the inclusion of scented candles, decorative lamps and so on. Mirrored lighting is also part of the middle eastern ambience in Ruh.


Location: The President Hotel, Jayanagar


Source: Zomato

As the name suggests, Gufha is a restaurant that has been designed to resemble a cave. The restaurant has dim lighting as well as some fake cobwebs and fake flame torches. It is a perfect cave ambience. The sound of flowing water and of the jungle accentuate the cave ambience.

Black Pearl

Location: Koramangala


Source: Zomato

If you have watched the Pirates of the Carribean, you will notice the design of the ship. The Black Pearl’s interiors is similar to the interiors of the ship from this movie. Another striking feature of this restaurant’s interiors is the back rest of the chairs are designed to resemble to human rib cage.

Try out these theme based restaurants and let us know how you liked them! Feel free to share with us any other theme based restaurants you think should make to this list.

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