7 Services Provided By An Orthodontist In San Francisco


An Orthodontist is a skilled and experienced dentist who identifies and corrects dental and skeletal anomalies. They offer a range of therapies, including braces and root canal therapy, to assist individuals with perfect smiles and enhance overall dental hygiene. The routine maintenance offered by orthodontists decreases the chance of having orthodontic issues.

The orthodontist san francisco provides an extensive range of services to improve dental health and offer the best solutions for multiple dental concerns. San Franciscans love to eat. The city has about three thousand restaurants. San Franciscans love to host gatherings in restaurants and spend time relishing and smiling with their friends and families. No wonder San Franciscans maintain a good level of oral health due to the availability of highly qualified orthodontist services.

Benefits Of Orthodontist Services

Let us study how an orthodontist can help an individual:


Among the popular procedures offered by orthodontists are braces. This aids teeth alignment, enhances the mouth bite, and addresses tooth abnormalities. Braces are different depending on the preference of an individual. They consist of metal, ceramic, and plastic according to individual size and requirements.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

A revolutionary orthodontic procedure called Invisalign employs a set of transparent, detachable aligners to realign the teeth. For people in San Francisco who desire the benefits of dentures with no difficulty and the visibility of conventional metal wire braces, Invisalign is a fantastic solution. An orthodontist in San Francisco can provide proper guidance regarding its usage, pricing, and results. They will also inform you about any risks if involved.

San Franciscans frequently visit orthodontists and maintain their oral health. This golden city is indeed a beautiful place for practitioners to practice.

Surgery of Jaw

To address problems with the jaw joints, an orthodontist sometimes offers surgery on the jaw. A surgery of this kind can aid in reducing face asymmetries and improving jaw alignment. This procedure can enhance and promote optimal outcomes by correcting issues such as underbite and overbite.

Treatment using Retainers

With the aid of retainers, the outcomes of orthodontic procedures are achievable. Retainers typically consist of either plastic or metal and adhere tightly over the tooth. Its job is to prevent the aligned teeth from shifting back to the earlier position. The retainers can be permanent or detachable and are explicitly made for every patient.


Treatment by Appliances

The treatment of orthodontic appliances helps to solve problems like crowding teeth and underbite issues. These can be put with or without braces depending on the need.

Using Headgear

Using orthodontic headgear corrects problems such as overbite and an overextended upper jaw. Headgear is made to match the requirements of every individual and is generally worn at night. The teeth and jaw are forced into the appropriate spot by the orthodontic headgear.


Patients’ lips and cheeks may occasionally press on their teeth, resulting in aches and irritation. Bumpers prevent lips and cheeks friction against teeth which leads to uneasiness.


The perk of orthodontic treatment is a healthy mouth, better-looking teeth, and longer-lasting teeth. The expenses depend upon various factors: seriousness, intricacy, and process duration. It also depends on the strategy and procedure used. There is a range of services to assist patients toward their perfect smile. These services also promote general oral health.

Practitioners can assist individuals in choosing the best course of option for their needs, be it braces or Invisalign, surgery, or orthodontic appliances. Ask a professional practitioner for more information about their services if you want to opt for any of them.


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