7 Differences Between Qualitative and Quantitative Research


Many people who take up research projects fail to understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. So, to simplify the process of understanding the differences between qualitative research and quantitative research methodologies, here we list 7 differences between the two.

Focus of Research

Qualitative research is purely text-based while quantitative research is focused primarily on numbers.

Statistical Tests

Qualitative research makes use of no statistical tests for the analysis aspect while quantitative research uses statistical tests heavily in the analysis phase.


While qualitative research which is based on text is less generalisable, quantitative research, based on numbers is more generalisable.

Time spent on the project

In qualitative research, a large hunk of time is spent in the analysis phase and relatively lesser during the planning phase. On the other hand, in quantitative research, a major chunk of the time is spent planning the entire research project and how it has pan out and lesser time is spent during the process of analysing the results.

Depth of Research

While qualitative research studies are more in-depth yet focused on smaller areas, quantitative research studies cover a broader range of topics under the main research topic but are less in-depth in comparison to qualitative studies.


Qualitative research studies generally have open-ended questions and therefore open-ended, unstructured responses. On the other hand, quantitative research studies have more structured and fixed questions and hence, similar responses.

Data Collection Methods

The qualitative research methodology employs focus groups, unstructured questionnaires and other such methods to collect data from the respondents. On the other hand, quantitative research studies employ data collection methods such as structured questionnaires, surveys, and other similar methods to collect statistical information from the respondents.

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