5 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s especially important during the holiday season. If you’re thinking of refreshing your kitchen in the new year, there are many ways to make your cooking space more efficient, tidy, and right on-trend. We’ve put together 5 tips to help you refresh your kitchen and make it look brand-new!


  • Repaint 


It may seem like an obvious choice but sometimes adding a little touch of color can make all the difference. You could choose to simply repaint your cabinets or add colorful paint to the walls to freshen up the room. While white is great and versatile, you should definitely have a look at other colors such as teal, burgundy, or even black! 


  • Get a newly fitted kitchen


If you really want to make your kitchen look brand-new, invest in a modern stylish fitted kitchen. If that’s over your budget then why not make it your own by replacing the doors and drawer fronts on your existing units. Maybe add the extra luxury of a new worktop. Don’t be afraid to add some glass door fronts to store your bowls, plates, etc. Not only, will it make the room look bigger, but it will also add a modern touch to your space.


  • Be retro


If you’re into the vintage, retro look, don’t be scared to also personalize your kitchen that way. From rococo paintings or bright cabinets to a cherry dining table, there are many things you can do to add that special little touch. No matter what you choose, retro is definitely in and especially for kitchen decoration, so it’s worth having a look.


  • Add some greenery


Plants are not only good to purify the air, they are also beautiful in every room and you shouldn’t forget your kitchen! Adding a few plants will definitely evoke a sense of relaxation to your space but they can also be functional if you decide to go for edible herbs such as rosemary, basil or oregano. 


  • Change your tap


A stylish new tap can totally transform your kitchen, you can now install a tap capable of giving you instant boiling water, perfect for your coffee break! In terms of look, you could choose to get an antique bronze tap to add a little touch of luxury to your sink. They may look old but you can get all the brand new features incorporated into a vintage-inspired tap.


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