What Are 3 Different Types of Solar Power Systems?


Solar power systems are one of the best technologies that have taken over the market these days. They have made life easier and greener. You might be wondering how? Solar power systems are very cost-efficient; therefore, they help users save that extra penny they were about to spend on heavy electricity bills. In addition, solar power systems lead to a greener life since they reduce carbon footprints, and the use of fossil fuels on generators is reduced because they work with the help of sunlight.

Solar power systems have a lot of benefits once you get them installed, and as we look around, we see a lot of people switching to solar power systems for their homes or commercial purposes. They are used almost everywhere, be it your offices, homes, agricultural purposes, hospitals etc. People are shifting from fossil fuel generators to greener versions of technology. Solar power systems bring various advantages that will help save the earth from harmful emissions of gases that are caused due to fossil fuel generators.

There are three different types of solar power systems. Let’s read about them and invest in them according to our needs.

Types Of Solar Power Systems

    1. On-Grid Solar PV Systems

      on grid solar system
      An on-grid solar power system is connected to the utility grid, and they generate electricity only when the utility power grid is available. For those who are looking to save their hard-earned money on massive electricity bills, this is an excellent option for them. With the help of an on-grid solar PV system, people can transfer extra electricity to the grid.

      Benefits of an On-Grid Solar Power System

      • Using an on-grid solar power system helps to reduce electricity bills.
      • It ensures a faster Return on Investment (ROI).
      • On-grid solar power systems ensure better savings.
    2. Off-grid solar PV systems

      off grid solar system
      An off-grid solar power system provides you with electricity all the time. This type of solar power system requires battery storage and an inverter to ensure a flow of electricity at all times. This particular system ensures that the user never faces any power cuts and can be installed at any location having good solar irradiance. The off-grid solar power system is apt for areas with frequent power cuts and requires a charge controller, battery bank and a solar inverter to convert DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current). They are best applicable for homes, offices, the agricultural sector, construction sites, rural areas etc.

      Benefits of Off-Grid Systems

      • These power systems operate independently.
      • Off-grid power systems have a long life.
      • These power systems ensure a high return on investment as you will not have to pay any electricity bills.
      • You can generate electricity with hassle-free operations.
    3. Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic Systems

      A hybrid solar PV system combines the best of both an on-grid and an off-grid solar power system. A hybrid solar PV system comes with the convenience of a grid-connected system, along with the ability to earn from net metering and a battery backup. This ensures that you are still backed up with electricity in times of power cuts to avoid disruptions.Hybrid solar power systems are a little sophisticated, but it provides the benefit of maximizing their power consumption without increasing electricity bills. It is also a sustainable option for generating and using electricity for future purposes.

      Benefits of Hybrid Solar Power Systems

      • Using a hybrid solar power system helps offer a surplus supply to the grid.
      • It offers a higher return on investment.

There are various kinds of solar power systems in the market. Now that we have understood the features and advantages of the three types mentioned above, we can list our needs and requirements and then invest wisely in them. Then, based on the requirements, you can determine if you want to buy them for your homes, commercial purposes, or other needs.

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