YouTube Video Editor: Edit Videos on YouTube


YouTube has a free tool for editing videos you have on YouTube. The video editor, not used by many, can be useful to perform a number of simple tasks and transform your YouTube videos on YouTube itself. Some of the basic features of YouTube’s video editor are:

  • Combining multiple videos that you’ve uploaded
  • Adding text and titles to your videos
  • Adding a soundtrack to your videos from YouTube’s library
  • Add effects to your videos

To use the YouTube Editor, you need to login and go to: On the left side, you will see thumbnails of your uploaded videos. You can choose the video(s) you want to edit and drag them to the bottom timeline.

youtube editor

Once you’ve done that, the basic editing can be done by clicking on the video dragged to the timeline. A few options life effect and text will appear on the timeline. You can apply basic effects and text here as shown:


text youtube

In the upper menu, there are a number of icons. These icons open tabs for adding soundtracks and effects to your videos. The music and effects icons are shown below:


youtube effects

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