What does Electronics Engineering mean to you?


We ran a contest on our Facebook page for Electronics Engineers to see how they like to define Electronics Engineering. Here are some of the definitions we liked:

Electronics Engineering is a study or sub-discipline in engineering, which the principles and fundamentals are applied into the solutions, in terms of electronic related problems. In general, it is more into the problem solving and generating new ideas from the existing counterparts at the same time.

– Firdaus Idros

Electronics Engineering is creating new or recreating already existing gadgets and devices in your own way, suitable to your own needs not just for production purposes. Further, for me implementing ideas using the existent technology is the definition for Electronics Engineering.

– Apoorv Gupta

“Electronics is a field of Science which involves the studies of the flow of Electrons.” and “Electronics Engineering is the end results of building something from designed circuits to become a product.”

– Josue Ballesta Ascano

Building upon engineering foundations and fundamentals developed over the years which have become standards in today’s technology. Using these learned tools and skills to innovate, design, and develop a better technology for humanity. To build a more efficient society to allow for advancement in communication, both verbally and non verbally, as well as electronic knowledge so that we may succeed in reaching set goals that help secure the future development of EE.

– Lyman Tsinnie

What about you? What does Electronics Engineering mean to you? Leave your answer as a comment to this post and let us know.

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