Windows 8 – Top 10 Apps – 2013


1. Chimpact

image - richards

The monkey goes happy as you get those yummy bananas. Well, this is a game for fun, where don’t worry about the story line, but the joy in playing. A well suited game for Windows 8 platform and the graphic content is of pure quality and a lot more to go on with the monkey.


2. iStunt2

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The first version of this game had a lower impact, now raising standard arrive this version. These stunts are awesome to keep us engaged on the way; well it supports good on touch interface too. You can grab one to stunt on the surface.


3. 99labels

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This is an online store, where you can access your wearable at amazing prizes. The app has the base linked to primary store where you can still continue with those details. A must have app for those who love shopping online.


4. Purple Zune

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The web browser in Windows 8, is the first of this type for tile browsing. It keeps you safe, with integrated solutions, and very simple and elegant to use. This will clear your cache, every time you flip, and keep you safe in your new Windows 8 machine.


5. Onenote

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The Onenote team which is consistently doing well now has hands over the new OS. This is a visual treat with much better user interface. Easy to access the files you got on the OneNote. It requires your registration.


6. Shin Chan

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Fans of Shin Chan have way too good news, as you don’t need to glue you for limited watch on your TV. Now you are free to grab a seat 24/7, playing your favorite shin Chan in your PC. This also has got other features like his info and many.


7. Photofunia

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It is always fun to make your friends go weird, and so make it possible with this all new app. The funia gets you into serious impacts on the photos, but still requires even more editing, as there are many such coming in the markets.


8. Noogra nuts

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The noogra nuts, makes you a saviour for a cute kid squirrel. Well, keep collecting and get going with the funny app which is totally meant for kids, with a little poor drawing based 2D graphics. Still a try for adult will too work for sure.


9. Fast track tees

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Want to purchase a lot of tees, or love this brand, and want to not miss out any new product of them. Please snatch the app to get the latest trends, and much more going for this product lover and also come with good UI.


10. Croma

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The online mega store for electronics is now available as an app, with lot more of discounts, if you are an electronic freak; you got a wonderful collection to select from, including the new releases which ships direct to your home.


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