The World is a Challenge for Lefties, Here’s Why


If you are a right-handed person, you’ll never realise how tough it is to live as a left-handed one, in this cruel, unobliging world of right-handers.  We’ve got a low down how it feels like in a world where almost everything is built for the right handers. It may seem irrelevant but you have no idea how simple things make a huge difference to the lefties.


Why are scissors designed exclusively just for right-handed people!? Lefties would rather just stab themselves with the scissor than use those right-handed ones which are uncomfortable and tough to use. Just try using a scissor with your left and you will feel the pain.


Writing using Ink Pens

It’s not an uncommon sight to see lefty friends with ink stains on their hand, as writing from left to right on a book can make lefties rub their hand all over freshly written line.


Right-handed Guitars

Impressing a woman (or man) at a bar by picking up a guitar is almost always impossible for a lefty as most guitarists are right-handed. Finding a left-handed guitar is tough even at guitar stores! Custom guitars are the only solace.


Spiral Notebooks & Binders are a big no-go

Spiral books and books with binders can cause a lot of pain while writing, with the spiral wiring leaving long-lasting impressions on the hands of lefties.


Writing Desks are Right-Biased

Have you ever seen a writing desk at school or college which has the table top on the left side instead of the right. Oh, the humanity!



Do you shake with your strong, dominant hand, i.e. left hand, or offer your weaker hand, after a meeting? Offering your left hand can be a mark of disrespect in certain communities.


Cameras Need Flexible Fingers

The shutter release button on cameras is usually on the right side, which can be a pain for lefties. And, if you’re using a DSLR, the lens needs to be moved to get the optimum setting. Better make your right hand stronger!


Computer Number Pads Drive Lefties Insane

Adding numbers while typing super-fast can be an issue for lefties because the number pad is on the wrong end for them. Don’t blame a lefty’s productivity at work if he’s not equipped with the right tools!

Eating at Restaurants is Uncomfortable

Lefties have to often eat uncomfortably at restaurants because they end up rubbing their elbows with the person next to them and having absolutely no space to move their arms.

But, there is one bright side of being a lefty…






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