Why do men bend down on their knees while proposing?


A perfect proposal; what comes to your mind? The most overrated way, “He proposed to me on his knees!” The trend is so common that often when not followed, it leads to disappointment. Lucky are the women who get it, and since we live in India, god bless the ones trapped in arranged marriages, watching movies and reading novels since ever, and having dreamed about our so called “Perfect Proposal”.


What makes it so celebrated is the main question. Some women make a big deal out of it, and some simply don’t care. I guess its upto our perspectives. But since we live in a society that fears the Social Mammoth, a creature that moves around to judge each and everything you do, we like to turn everything into a definite trend, something that becomes an act that is socially accepted.

You didn’t propose on your knees, social mammoth whispers “Loser, pst!” You propose on your knees, they cheer up for you! A person, man or woman always wants to feel superior and great, and anything that is celebrated by the society makes them feel big, hence they’ll do it, whether or not it makes sense to their tiny brain that’s wrapped up in a cocoon of Dos and Don’ts. Let us see the same through points:

  1. To give that superior feeling: When a men bends on his knees, he wants to the girl to feel superior. The concept is simple. ‘I really need you like life princess. Will you be mine’?
  2. It’s a proposal: Be it any proposal, it should be humble (I accept we don’t bend over knees everytime) and this time it’s about the entire life. You can’t afford losing them.
  3. Seeking complete you: Guys won’t accept this thing but the fact is, ‘they need a girl to complete them’ (keep that BOY thing in your back pocket for a while). However deep inside they know the girl’s going to complete them. This is why they bend down on knees and bow their head while proposing.


I guess same goes for the women, they would boast about their perfect boyfriends around, get a good feeling building up as they see their girlfriends drop their jaws and say ‘AWWWWWW’. The fairy tale world creates an image of this prince on white horse who’ll one day bend on his knees, keeping besides the common man ego, every woman likes to challenge and propose them.


It’s more about being able to create a moment; a story you can narrate to a crowd for years to hear them cheer rather than having a connecting feeling two people can rejoice and feel happy about forever.  
Just like a cherry on top of a cake, comes a diamond ring with a proposal! What’s a proposal where you can’t tell your gossip group that he gave you a diamond ring, right girls? Soon the glitter goes away, the night ends, the shine fades and the talks turn to whispers, which then fade away to silence. But at least you remember the part where he bent down on his knees and gave you an expensive ring.



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