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  1. before u gonna ask d how i will xplai..;)
    as every year divisible by 4 is a leap year,bt it should not b a century year..
    so if v take 100 years ,100 years will have 76 ordinary year and 24 leap year.
    and no of odd days is d no of days which not form a complete year.
    ordinary days has 1 odd day n leap year has 2 odd days..
    so in 100 years (76*1+24*2)=124 odd days
    bt if 124/7,we get remainder 5 i.e 5 odd days
    so no of odd days in 400 years is 4*5+1=21..i.e 0 odd days
    similary no of odd days in 800,1200,1600,2000 years is 0.
    now 2006 can broken into 2000+5 years+31+28+31+30+28(of d month may)
    2000 has 0 odd days
    5 years has 1*4+2(of leap year)=6 odd days(means
    now 31+28+30+28=158 days
    148/7=remaindr 1…i.e 1 odd day
    now total 7 odd days i.e 0 odd day =sunday acc to the table
    0 odd day=sun
    1=mon..nd so on

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