What exactly is grounding/earthing?


We often come across the term “ground” or “earth” in electrical science and even in your daily life. We’re gonna look at 3 aspects of what the term may refer to:

1. Conceptual Significance

Conceptually, the term refers to the fact that we’re using the earth as one of the conducting wires in your system/machine/circuit. And, there are again,
3 reasons that make the planet worth it-
a)It’s huge
b)A good conductor
c)A handy return path for electrons

2. Safety/Home appliances

In any circuit (appliance) we use at home, static electricity builds in the circuit-this excess charge build up may cause fire/explosion. hence, providing ground here, means providing an escape route for the electrons.

3. Circuit Analysis

For the engineers-it helps in solving circuits-it is a reference point in the circuit from which other voltages are measured. So why do we need that?

The answer lies in the fact that electric potential is relative-just like every damn thing in the world. When you’re standing 50 feet high, its relative to the ground, right? Or maybe to the sea level-but, relative, it is.


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