5 Different High-Level Ways to Use Facebook for Business


Almost everyone can be found on a social networking site known as Facebook. It is like one of the mandatory websites that your finger tends to click on it automatically. Other than people, your favorite artiste, painter, business or groups can be assigned a page on Facebook for people like us to share or like things.

Not only this is an interactive or communicative sites but it had transformed and influenced various paradigms related to life.


Some of the other ways that Facebook popularly known as fb is used are as follows:

1.) PR Building Block:

Artistes, actors, even companies are all dependent on public. If, we the general public are not interested in their work then there is no way for them to earn their revenue.

Why do you think they want people to like their page?

Very simple, they want you to know about them and increase their web of entanglement. Once you like a page of a company because you think that is your dream or maybe you are aiming for it in your future interviews. You will get updates about its new ventures, news, reports or any public gatherings. They will be able to lure you into their sub system of public relation without even actually contacting you. Moreover more likes, means more followers that increases their credibility. And in today’s world -publicity is a must.


2.) Data warehouse and strategic evaluators:

Have you ever ponder why Facebook is free?

A very close answer was because of advertisements. Well actually they only comprises of 10% of their profit (at maximum). Then from where the rest 90% of their profit is generated?

From you!

Yes you are their real source of income. There are several companies that pay Facebook for your information. Don’t fret about it as they are bound under law not to misuse it.

Let me explain this by a simple phenomenon or game, most of us played on Facebook known as- Farmville.

There is a huge ground given for cultivation. Out of 100, 90 people start the cultivation from the upper left-most part and this trend follows daily. A company having data about these clicks analyses that a human most probably look first at the left most corner part of the screen. So advertisements put up on that portion will have more chances of catching eyes. By using this data they fix specific cost of each portion. So if you want to advertise, for that portion you had to pay more.


3.) Management of groups:

Most of us are using this system till date. If you are in a college, a group with your college or class must be present on this website.

Why to email everyone again and again?

A simple post is an answer to it. You found a document related to your syllabus, share the link in the group. Every member will be able to access it. So it very much simplifies our way of communication.


4.) Advertising start ups:

If you are a frequent user of this website, you must have seen a lot of advertisements popping up now and then. If you are in a start up or a freelancer and thinking of expanding your business then Facebook provides a very reliable platform for you to make your consumer base. Various interest groups are created for you to contact people, link your posts with your websites/blog name, and invite your friends to your landing pages and many more.


5.) Share market influence/ reviews:

Status tab is one of the prominent features in your Facebook account.

What you feel, what you are watching, where you going everything can be entered through it.

Did you know everything you enter somehow affects someone?

Let me explain this by an example:

You went to a restaurant and written “had an awesome day with x, y, z at restaurant abc”.

A link to that restaurant is generated and you enter. All your friends (in some cases public too) can see that. This makes a good image about that food joint. Now let’s take another example, a person stated his Airtel internet connection is not working from past few hours. Several of people in the vicinity update their status with similar posts. This influences its share price and there is a chance it can give a bad impression about that company.

Every small movement can be big notion about other things- this statement affects our social networking life. It’s highly influential in nature. So next time you log in to your account just think about all these aforementioned ways I have listed and do tell us your views.


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