Top 6 Warrior Hollywood Movies


Top 6 Warrior Movies

1. GLADIATOR, 2000 Movie

Gladiator was an epic movie directed by Ridley Scott and starred Russel Crowe in the lead. The movie has won five Oscar awards for best picture, best actor, best costume design, sound and visual effects.

The movie revolves around a time in Rome when slaves were meant to fight in a ‘win or die’ situation which the crowd watched and it was a source of entertainment for them. And there is this man ‘Maximus’ (Russel Crowe) who wins each and every fight, including a fight with 4 lions.


2.ROBBIN HOOD, 2010 Movie

This movie was directed by Ridley Scott and had Russel Crowe in lead just like in Gladiator. The movie is based on the legend ‘Robbin Hood’. Conspiracy, assassination  hold the backdrop of the movie.


3. TROY, 2004 Movie

The movie was directed by Wolfgang Peterson and starred Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom in the lead. It is an epic war movie between the Troy and Sparta and involves lot of fiction, plotting, love, killing and drama. The movie won many academy awards but missed Oscar.


4. 300, 2007 Movie

The movie was directed by Zack Synder and had Gerard Butler in the lead. The movie  depicts the war between 300 bold and ferocious Spartans with Persian God- King Xerxes. Th movie depicst the valour of the spartans willing to fight against a huge and more powerful army. the movie won a couple of accolades.

Later a funny version of this movie called ‘Meet the Spartans’ was released which involved high level comedy.

5.PATRIOT, 2000 Movie

The movie was directed b y Roland Emmerich and starred Mel Gibson in the lead. A war between two armies which has the father in one and son in the other showing a scenario of American Revolution. The movie was Academy awards winner for best sound mixing, best cinematography and best original score.



The movie was directed by Paul W. S. Anderson based on a novel by Alexandra Dumas. The movie starred Matthew Macfadyen, Logan Lerman, Ray Stevenson, Luke Evans and many others. The movie revolves around a conspiracy in Venice. There is fiction, science, love and drama involved in the film with a beautiful background of Venice sceneries.

All these movies are full of entertainment, valor and quaint costumes,music, cult and places making an ideal 3 hr escapade for anyone.

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